past and future culture clash

150,000 Adelie penguins die after giant iceberg blocks access to food

Ottawa sees record snowfall with 49 cm in one day


Confusion reigns over number of missing, murdered indigenous women

B.C. SPCA seizes 70 cats and dogs in Surrey

World’s Largest Telescope Faces Opposition from Native …


Why China is moving 9,000 people for a massive radio telescope

Thirty Meter Telescope could boost Hawaii Island’s economy

Hawaii Court Rescinds Permit to Build Thirty Meter Telescope


Earth: Civilization Maps – Cartography

Civilization 1.0: Ice Aged

How Civilizations Rise and Fall: On their Paperwork

The Civilization Equalizer: Rubble


People are not “illegal” (image free presentation)



The Migration Mambo



Ancient people looked at the night sky and told stories to each other about who they were, based on what they looked at around them the sky overhead and horizon to horizon.

Eventually the farmers replaced the hunter/gatherers and the surplus created new possibilities for humans to experience, mostly by extending what we can see with technology.

We should really not consider ourselves that far progressed, we are still an exploitation economy and far from social equality and equitable participation or resource distribution, but mostly, we need to end this idea of a religious club getting to force their religion against the greater and commoner goals – displacing people, disrupting peace and progress, and contemplating what that means and is.


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