What I learned being an Early Adaptor

Gadgets, I used to love them, but space needs must.

Buy Early Buy Often, you pay more and you get less.

Once upon a time, you bought an item and it did a function.

Then, it needed peripherals, at first better versions than the built in

A television used to be a receiver, and now it’s a recorder and content programmer, not merely a passive tuning in to the broad as she is cast.

Now, a tv is a monitor, with an array of speakers, when once it was furniture


I had a camera, it took photos, then videos and sound, then phone calls, and no one wearers a winding wristwatch or rolls down windows when there’s apps for every appetite.


Oh. I learned to not be an early adaptor, too many versions, best to wait for the market to sort out and mind and manage your data and always update it to the newest versions and hang onto the software discs too. because when it’s all in the cloud, there is no way to ever secure or get it back.

Which is why I put everything out on the open online.

AND, usually a new tech takes a while to work out it’s issues, so it’s better to always wait for Microsoft whatever point 5 and match your tool to it’s functional purpose and I wish that for home, I’da gone Mac, but the work world was PC as in personal computer, and not politically correct – which for those not laughing, PC is both Mac and Dos/Windows computers.

The term “politically correct” is actually a term from right wing oppressive politics to complain about having to be inclusive without using obvious bigoted words, but they just shift the emotion down and amp the wordage up so it sounds like it means something more or positive, when it’s actually a meaning less and a negative. It’s from the 1990s and was replaced with later mediaspeak “optics” a word that used to mean a lens, like in a camera or an eyeball, but now was shifted to point to the concept “how a thing appears”

which is something we used to do by looking in a lens to magnify a small thing or bring closer a big but far away thing – but now is a prism of market segments and message receivers and measuring the only polls that matter: Public Opinion.

let the marketplace decide caveat emptor – buyer beware in a informed consumer market also means corporations beware: the epic battle of VHS vs Beta – the iconic format war, the consumer memory still so enraged that Beta, the better system lost in the Americas, even while winning all other markets – Asia and Europe!, VHS emerged and managed to co-exist with the DVD format that most should have seen coming – the Vinyl Revolution lost to the less archival CD format… so We do not even mourn the HiDef vs BluRay.

so seriously, BlueRay is the last physical format – it’s streaming and subscriber to long tail marketing and open up the vaults Studios and Networks.

You  have seen with Napster and Youtube and file sharing servers that what we want is to be entertained and when we want it is on demand: give it to us, let us sign up equally regardless of nation to content and let us share in the human history of the 1900 technology that has made everyone their 15 mins possible and preservable – and maybe if we watch each other’s sitcoms and movies, we’ll see each other as as human as ourselves, eh?

Couch Potatoes (Chaise Tuber en francais a la british columbia) – beer or vodka or latkes n fries – we can solve anything by sitting down and thinking about it long enough and diplomacy has got to be better than war.

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