The Republican Blues

Currently running for the Republican Nomination:

Ted Cruz – Born in Canada – Alberta which is as close as Canada gets to Texas.

So far – his Scandal Score includes:

  • Family Values Advertising featuring a middle class Porn Star
  • Having to Apologize to Ben Carson for misrepresention
  • Electoral and Mail Fraud
  • Hobbies: Shutting Down Government then protesting Government Shut Downs
  • Religion-o-metre: Evangelical Extreme

Porn Actress From Pulled Ted Cruz Ad Is A Conservative …

Marcio Rubio is demonstrating he is as patriot and american as Ted Cruz is by showing a proud American city – Vancouver British Columbia Canada – in his make me president pitch.
Now, I understand that many people are confused, but Canada is actually a different country than America and while our laws and cultures are similar to yours, they are different in many ways.
Ted Cruz was born here and Rubio seems to be unsure what is an isn’t America – so birthers, hedge your bets, What does “natural born American” mean in actually technical and specific legal language which is not actually open to interpretation. Letter Spirit and Intention is clear, including on how to read law -and dear conservatives, is it not holding the law back or applying miserly and meagerly nor only when forced to by the courts and neither does it only apply when caught.
Jeb Bush, who apparently thinks he is Hispanic probably because his family tax haven lived in Texas, which rhymes with Mexas and is about as close as he gets for a guy who has publicly admitted to being a eugenicist

How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power | World …


The Koch/Stalin connection: Where their wealth started …

Ben Carson .. just facepalm on so many fronts, well, he can help to create an interesting point.

Ben is a Man, Nina is a Woman

Ben is Black, Nina is a Lesbian

Ben is Republican, Nina is Liberal

Ben is American, Nina is Canadian

The half step oppression and inter-sectionality, the Dom-Sub, Oppressor-Victim relationship more nuanced….

Then this other guy from out of the American state political depths trying to suggest he is a world stage calibre leader…John Kasich, the adultier adult

Sadly and horrifically, I think I have to hope for Donald Trump, the least qualified in any sense of being capable of public interest, but he is the one who is most likely to be able to broker a deal with the Democrats and make the American government work, such as it does, I will never understand politicians who campaign against government and never consider that government is staff by The people of the middle class and the civil service is not party personality cult minions, they have a job to do and it’s not actually government of the day’s partisan bidding.

donald-trump-memes_12 trump-traditional-marriage

Defining Citizenship and human rights – do they vary by birth or landed immigrant or refugee resettlement? how can we say all are equal, where place of birth becomes identity rather than merely geographic

Meanwhile, on the Democrat side:
White Man or a White Woman
one speaks progress and one is progress
one is a state player and one is an establishment legacy
well, Canada did have a women Prime Minister, maybe the youth of America think there’s already been one?

Canada to annex America?

it’s be a way for American women to have legal equality with American men, eh….

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