World Left Right Centre Spins

Israel is a Flashpoint nation, a focus on interest of far too many people spanning nations, and has the added danger of a Doomsday Religion and that this religion has other nations with military might enthralled to it’s existence for religious reasons, not diplomatic ones.

Rather than being incorporated the Palestinians have not thrived and have not been allowed to migrate to join similarly cultured nations, because other nations are equally invested in the property with equal Armageddon fervor. each nation in a right/left fight and each one pulling the other farther and nearer


this is why the world desperately needs freedom FROM religion, because otherwise, there isn’t going to be one, and as serious as that is, this is the only one with chocolate and coffee and given that there’s enough for everyone to have some from time to time and not just the monarchy, we need to take a breath, and have a beverage and let cooler heads prevail.

worse, it’s all versions of the same Abrahamic religion that expresses itself culturally as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For most other religions of the world, one must be born into them because that’s how social caste systems are invented.



The myth that it’s mere existence has meaning for the world is basically a Mayan Fallacy.

People are entitled to exist – but nations existing depends on the peoples in the boundaries of said nations to want to seek an identity.

Let’s be clear – I support Israel’s right to exist as a nation because it’s a democracy and the only one in the region, not because of any religion but despite that aspect.

and it really takes a religion to get people to entitle themselves to live at the expense of another peoples.


The oldest humans settled and migrated out and about, when good places where found, people discovered ways to fight over them or build some sort of fence system of sharing, tithes and taxes, diving up the various land masses.

The Promised Land being the next valley or the last one, depending on where in the cultural myths that orally pass down before written down and mistranslated and juxtaposed.


we are all native to one place or another, and we all began in Africa and walked out and acclimated to new latitudes and longitudes…

cagle-earth-day abor-titleMW-CM993_world__MG_20140714121552

People in the here and now, and those that come after, if there are to be any, religion needs to be something quaint that’s just for the tourist shows,

dear moderate religionists: it’s you who make the fundamentalists probable by demanding that your religion is possible. It’s not, the likely is as close to zero as it gets, and even then, it’s not a no god or your god, it’s none or any one of any that anyone has ever thought of, because they all have the same zero evidence.

There has never been anything that science can explain that religion provides a better answer for.



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