Do Americans even like each other?


9 people who make the biggest decisions and act as the check and balance of the government.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that even one was a woman, and in that lifetime and lifetime, given 20 years as a generation, there has not been much change.

these positions outlast the president who appoints them, term limits.

Appointment for life sounds like a sentence.

In any event, the current President should be filling the space suddenly vacated by Scalia, a 1980’s man who’s only plan was to avert inevitable changes.

the 9 are now 4 white men, three of whom are conservative, 1 black man who is conservative and three women, all of whom are liberal and only 1 of which is the default demographic.

So I really want to see the first queer Justice on the bench with one more non-default demographic setting.


Canada’s first transgender judge officially sworn in

CTV News2 days ago


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