SongOff: Blue Suede Shoes

Perkins wrote and recorded Blue Suede Shoes. It hit the charts and RCA feared they had bought the wrong guy. Perkins got into a car crash and Elvis caved to RCA pressure to record the song and he had the major hit.

Perkins sang it don’t step on my shoes to the girl being danced with

Presley sang it as a menace to other guys not to get in the way of his dancing to get all the girls, and to the girl about dandy priorities, Beau Brummel Baby.

Perkins probably made more as writer credit than from his own disc sales.

Carl and Elvis pretend to exchange autographs back stage.




Carl, like Johnny Cash, were married, while Elvis and Jerry Lee.. well he married a lot.

But there was also the pretty factor, as well as that Elvis and Jerry were barely adults themselves, Elvis started as a teenager and his parents signed his first contracts.

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