EvilWatch: Justice Scalia Dies


The No Agenda Man’s was to Uphold the Status Quog133458399169215062175ce02d47c55f4d41fd131e9b2ad5ea94ee789f5ecb6219acf8edf9c53182b1a

which is why, conservatives are always on the wrong side of history, which progresses


5 from the GOP and 4 From the Dems


9 positions and too many pale and too many male faces…Canada’s Charter of Rights does what America’s Bill of Rights doesn’t, it explicitly includes women, and this is the importance of being on the list of variables, versus needing to be added, inter alia, or when society grows up and gets over it’s conservative self.

The critical mass of demographic plus allied who thinks that’s not a reason to be deemed second class.

Which is why religion is not compatible with secular law, and as such, is private clubs and not something that contributes to the public collective good or the collective betterment.


Canada to annex America?

I know that by population Canada is a smaller nation than the US of A. But it makes more sense for Canada to annex America than the other way around.   America was the nation that the idea of the … Continue reading

Nina and The DevilNina and Lenny Bruce

Canada vs America: Culture


Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand are nations arising from colonialism, instead of all the indigenous peoples of the world coming together as a United Nations, we have layers of civilizations mashed up in a living strata of Society Types, … Continue reading

handbook_cover_3rd_edRichard Dawkins the god delusion61-+KgdSklL

Canada Declassified: Doomsday Cults

Report No. 2000/03: Doomsday Religious Movements   December 18, 1999 This paper uses open sources to examine any topic with the potential to cause threats to public or national security. Introduction Often overlooked in the discussion of emerging security …Continue reading

Canadian War on QueersNina and Canadian War on Queers

Population shifts to Atheist

as religious terrorism shuts down new years celebrations around the world there is one very good thing – people are getting fed up with religion and seeing it for the divisive and needless thing that it is Atheists of Mayanmar … Continue reading

FSM Gospel FSM God Speaks

Who should be Canada’s next governor general?

the burka bondage scale  Photo by Yemeni photographer Boushra al-Moutawakel.


NDP dropped 20 points in 48 hours after supporting niqab, Tom Mulcair says

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