How Canadians See Themselves

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The National Film Board arose from the Military Cameraman who brought back the films from the First World War and the Second which were land based in the theatres of Europe.

The second world war ending those nations from producing films and America’s Hollywood stepped in – and a treaty was made that Canada would not have a film industry, we’d do documentaries and be a service provider for American productions now and then. Canada is the only nation without screen quotas for theatres and we have loose ones for television, but radio there were CanCon rules and we have a music industry as a result, with Canadians no longer embarrassed to be famous inside of Canada or outside of it, eh.

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CBC was radio and television and it was the government’s mission to bring Canadians together in canadian culture coast to coast, which we got as basic cable, but mostly to ignore in favor of .. sorry.. favour of American shows and programs.

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In addition to Telefilm, which is a clearing house for productions in Canada there are provincial and territorial Film Commissions and many cities have a municipal level promotions productions coordinators.

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racoon on Toronto transit…. Swearing on Feathers in Ottawa Court Truth Swearing Oaths vancouver new year swing band man Dal Richards   Bat man and Cat Woman?


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