Government Does Create Jobs

Better than “jobs”, Government creates career employment and that is the backbone of the middle class.

Government creates jobs by employing people to do government work.

Government creates jobs by using private sector suppliers and contractors.

Government creates jobs by creating a tax framework that encourages business in a range of sizes, and by ensuring that the working conditions are fair.

The Private sector creates employment in the production of goods or in the offering of services.

Individual Companies may come and go, but governments are meant to stand for the duration of the civilization. That co-ordination of society sectors is governance, who’s job it is to tidy up said public square once the public has gone home for the night.

What we have experienced in the modern era of governments recognizing the rights of other governments to exist, the United Nations, is utterly revolutionary in human history.

Governments meaning a group of people within a naturally occurring geographic boundary or an artificial cultural one. The world had to not only be circumnavigated, but surveyed and drawn up.

In Old World Europe, cities and blurred over these boundaries while in the New World, the world’s longest undefended border of America and Canada does look like this in a lot of places.

the idea that that nations did not interfere with the internal matters of other nations, but this is clearly not the reality in the current day proxy warfare,currently the main theatre of which is Syria.

So yes. it is a very appalling idea that Canadians would be contributing to displacing people by war and doing bombing. (In fact, in most missions, we brought the bomb back to the base, those things are expensive eh?)

canada-map Meanwhile in Canada During this season of peace, may we reflect on who we are and who we truly want to be.  Poster inspired by a tweet from Kelly Gaudreau.

The Troops are Government Employees, and so are Civilians.

From City Services to Provincial Agency through Federal Departments.

moving to canadafor a long time the only people I could bear to talk to were combat Vets  but this book has more meaning to me than the content.

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