Canada vs America: Culture

Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand are nations arising from colonialism, instead of all the indigenous peoples of the world coming together as a United Nations, we have layers of civilizations mashed up in a living strata of Society Types, chieftain warlords to dictatorships, or republic-democratic pretenses of social order.


America, in it’s isolation hasn’t seemed to notice what some of what others have noticed: The Pony Express only operated for 18 months, while much of the world remains mired in Wild West Frontier ism albeit in bronze or pre-industialized stages of techno-have not.

The problem of a society that deems itself as the pinnacle is that is it oblivious to being surpassed and acts as a throttle to prevent this event – monopoly.

Military Might only makes Right for so long and to a limited degree – that can contain people and even concentrate for a while, but over time, the marketplace of ideas will shift; and people are less willing to be Boots on the Ground, so much as vote with their feet and migrate to better land.

American and Canadian flags for Canada Dayusa-vs-canada

American culture was overridden by European migrants and was more a resetting of the familiar social classes from the various European and to another extent Asian migration, which was the original group to the americas, less a wave here and a wave there, than perhaps shufffling cards from left and from right to form something new in between.

If there hadn’t been so many Americans who were Loyalists to the Crown and moved North (along with portions of the African slave population away from the south), Canada might well have thrown in and been part of the American experiment – but we did not rebel – we maintained the order and we were left to putter along while the UK’s focus became India and China and in Africa. (pre-united nations, colonial thinking)

In any event, Canada may be well what preserved those american ideals, we, unlike the USA, diplomatically separated from the UK, and now, we have the world’s first Gen X leader, in a world that has been dominated by the so called Baby Boomers.

Originally named for the baby increase post WWII when “our boys” returned home to “our girls” – and the girls had to leave all those jobs to the boys again…..

I think The Boomers is better referenced to the constant Boom Or Bust , always chasing the next financial balloon before it’s lead burst.


Canadians watch American Media Culture because it’s easier to laugh and enjoy someone else’s stereotypes instead of having to look at your own, eh?


Our official currency looks a lot like our unofficial second currency, eh.



Money, that which is most symbolic of one’s national values, usually with the image of the person or nation backing the currency, but there is no longer a gold standard….



America’s Favorite Dad on the range or in space: Adama, Canada’s Lorne Greene


America’s Favorite Yuppie Sitcom Son: Canada’s Micheal J Fox –

FamilyTies_S6_espin city22121-2


America’s fave Starship Captain Kirk: canadian



America’s Fave Nerd-Geek: Sheldon..canadian and gay

ustv-big-bang-theory-s08-e09 The_launch_acceleration_Sheldon_and_Amy_Star_Trek

And, Elvis Presley played three concerts outside of America – it was Canada 1957

Vancouver’s Red Robinson was the first to be an MC for both Elvis (1957) and The Beatles (1964) BOTH on the same stage.

imagesprv082899robinson01--SEEEMMA POOLE STORY FOR CITY-- Aug. 28,1999 -- North Vancouver, B.C. -- Sunday is Red Robinson Day at the Pne. Robinson introduced the Beatles in 1964 and Elvis in 1957 at Empire Stadium. LES BAZSO/PROVINCE [PNG Merlin Archive]

Canada is what America could be if they did let every day be what Christmas was supposed to be – appreciate of others and celebration of community. A mid-winter break from bleakness to remind us that eventually, spring will come again, grasshoppers.

Frankly, if America votes in a Republican President, I think it will be Canada who will be contracting under NAFTA for Mexico to build a 49th parallel wall, but under our building codes.



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CanCon: Leslie Nielsen

CanCon: Lorne Greene

CanCon: Ellen Page

CanCon: Elvira Kurt

CanCon: Jim Carrey

CanCon: Michael J Fox

CanCon: The Only Guy Tougher than the Terminator

Growing Up Canadian: Britcoms, Americoms and CanCon

What the heck is “CanCon” anyway?

Canada Content (“CanCon”)

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