Wild West Stand Off Stands Down

The 4 remaining members of The Bundy Gang have turned themselves over to the authorities in the only reasonable outcome possible.

Swearing to prefer a Dirt Nap over capture – rah rah America – they cried the blues to the FBI and broadcast their going out with a whimper live to the internet.


Dear Would Be Militias:

Occupying Federal Facilities has very few outcomes and none of them are you getting your way.

The only outcomes of a siege stand off are: dead militia or surrendered for prosecution.

Civil legal matters are to be dealt with civility, with words and not weapons.

This is why it is very important for depressed people to not have weapons, it impairs reasoning and reason-ability.

People who are law abiding do not hold themselves as being above the law, but of the law.

Telling like it is, is only a reflection of how you would like it to be, and when the world you perceive suits your needs and not the common greater good, then, your world is far too small and not at all what the world needs or actually is.

Rather than this be conflated into a Ruby Ridge Waco – let’s take this as the event of reason – when too far has a low body count but that which can be turned around into the one that starts the statistical roll.

White People in America if you fear minorities, it’s because you gave them a reason to hate you. Consider that for a while.

It’s not about hoarding it’s about distribution … meaning in the masses, not in being asses.

America: where the individual is the social unit of consequence with the right to pursuit the happyness of preventing the happyness pursuit of others.

I really think that the Puritans were more kicked out of England than left it….

the newsources:

The Oregon militia standoff appears to have come to an end with the final four occupiers ..

Oregon Standoff Ends as Last Militant Surrenders

New York Times20 mins ago


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