No Acts of God in the East: Responsibility

Three people were arrested Tuesday, Xiao Bo-ren, the Tainan government’s legal affairs secretary, told CNN. All are former executives of the real estate development company that built Tainan’s 17-story Weiguan Golden Dragon tower, which collapsed when the magnitude-6.4 tremor hit early Saturday.

Lin Ming-hui, former chairman of the now defunct Weiguan company, and two other former executives — Chang Kui-an and Cheng Chin-kui — face charges of professional negligence resulting in death.

3 arrested for roles in construction of collapsed Taiwan apartment tower (cnn)



Personal and Corporate Accountability… lessons for Western based corporation who seek to privatize profits while socializing costs.

Lessons for Western Governments too, on how to manage corporations: Regulation and Compliance.

hurricane-diagram hurricane_formation

I wonder if this is a matter of honor and if ritual suicide is a cultural practise or if there will be a formal execution by the state?

Engineering Math to build stuff includes the concepts of Floor Loading – but now we are realizing the limits of the geo-physical weight load on the earth’s crust.

Glaciatedporus horus

smaller on top and big on the bottom rarely falls down,  but heavy, unbalanced and on unbalanced soils that shift….

7 super volcanoHydro cycles

Taipei 101 may be causing earthquakes –

Dec 2, 2005 – Experts disagree on whether Taipei 101, the world’s tallest building in Taipei, Taiwan, might be the cause of earthquakes.


Fracking-induced earthquakes could leave workers vulnerable, says geophysicist

Canada Labour Code Part 2 allows workers to refuse work that is dangerous and deadly when it is not an anticipated condition of employment (military, police, fire, ambulance… that first strike to first responder groups – Search and rescue is … Continue reading

5309_426368314126971_1465648172_n 75977_10151338316061121_246168890_n

How Do You Use News?

All the news that’s fit to print! News you can use. Really? most news is really not relevant on a daily basis and we are overwhelmed with information. Paralyzed by analyses… 2 houses explode after 7.1-magnitude earthquake hits Alaska It … Continue reading

yellowstone-national-park-blue-lava-flames-sulphur article-2198591-14D87F2D000005DC-268_964x641

Sampoong Department Store collapse – Wikipedia, the free …

The collapse is the largest peacetime disaster in South Korean history as 502 people died and 937 were injured. It was the deadliest modern building collapse …

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