Vancouver and Housing

Everything old is new again: this short documentary is about the 1990s Vancouver Housing Crisis – including the infamous Francis Street Incident, when the Vancouver Police Department showed up in riot gear, in force, with a helicopter and bulldozer to remove mostly European College Kids from squatting in three houses.


At the time, the Seniors voted for the conservative politician because of “shared values” and they were surprised when suddenly, they couldn’t afford to remain in their homes because Big Business paid the election bills for conservatives.


Vancouver BC Canada is one of the most expensive cities to live in and this has now gotten worse with foreigners investors seeking to move their wealth out of their home economy.

It’s like no one ever reads Shift’s A Modest Proposal.


Remember The Francis Street Incident: Vancouver 1991

it’s like the fucking 90s in Vancouver again.… housing crunch, workers who can’t afford to live in the cities and displaced people     a shrinking middle class… conflict to thin out the herds, pandemics   seriously, even us … Continue reading


The Battle of the Burbs: BC’s BSitudes


Ghetto to Ghetto

This is the documentary that I worked on in film school. Vancouver’s housing crisis was not enough rental stock, foreign ownership without occupying lots.   The people who occupied the Francis Street set of houses in East … Continue reading

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