Cam Newton and the transforming power of gloriously blowing it

Nothing Succeeds like Excess, but being a Comeback Kid
Mastering the art of re-invention, nuanced with humility
This is the face of a great game player becoming a sports champion.

This moment belongs to another, but the future is his

especially that ability to learn to gain respect not merely adoration of fans

It's the Good Life

Copyright 2016, Dennis Mitton

Newton1 Cam Newton doing the dub.

I’m going to invoke the cardinal rule of blogging today and write about whatever the hell I feel like. And I feel like writing about Cam Newton and blowing it.

If you follow American professional football, or at least watched the Super Bowl, you know who Cam is. If not then I’ll fill you in. He is the young – 26 years old – quarterback of the Carolina Panthers who is brash, arrogant, and so full of himself that I have spent the last several months making a weekly prayer vigil to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Carolina to lose. I don’t care who wins. I just want Cam and Carolina to lose. I know that this is petty and childish and I admit that it’s unfair to judge a human being by the ten minutes of television interviews I’ve seen…

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