Outlaw Heros: Robin Hood vs Zorro

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Sherwood Forest, England – a robber – Rob in the Hood becomes Robin Hood and eventually is portrayed as a nobleman who turnes outlaw to steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Meanwhile, down Mexico, another nobleman turns highwayman to protect the poor from the rich.


It’s an interesting idea and certainly the origins of the idea of an idealist who stands outside of their station and society to do illegally, what they could, as part of the hierarchy, do on the inside.

what the stories were, when they were told and how they change down the ages… and formats, eh!

Black Adder and Nina  Nina & Elizabethan reader

King Arthur pulling a sword from a stone was most likely a metaphor for the first blacksmith who turned rocks into ore and from there to swords and plows.

Nina and King Arthur

Treatment: Queer Robin Hood

Queer Robin Hood A few years ago, I had an opportunity to pitch a script…

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