America New Hampshire Primaries

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist has won the primary from Hilary Clinton, Democrat Centralist. In Canadian terms, this is the NDP beating the Liberals. It will continue to be a struggle to determine which of the Dems will most appeal to the middle – a white man, albeit a hippie vs a white a woman, a hippie turned yippie.

The Republican side, just got a whole lot more interesting.

The race has shifted from Trump leading Cruz trailed by Rubio then the pack of Also Rans, because there is a new leaderboard runoff.

New Hampshire is demonstrating moderation – and perhaps manners are starting to matter?

Trump retains his lead – John Kasich breaks out of the pack for a surprise second, leaving Cruz, Bush and Rubio for a third place finish.

Kasich’s second place, rather than becoming one of the expected drop outs – this will certainly change the tone and timber of the debates – and Bush has gained from Christie’s thrashing Rubio for only being able to speak in points.



a republican moderate, irony metre explodes. …..

Christie appears to be the first one to be considering dropping out of this race, and likely Carson and the rest of the also rans will drop out – but it is unlikely many will put party before ego and certainly not country before party, eh?

A run off between the anti-government outsider billionaire and the outsider socialist who’s been a career politician will certainly offer a unique bit of political theatre; so we’ll see –


Has America gone inside out crazy or will the conduct so far have an impact wherein America demonstrates a sense of statemanship and of responsibility for the place on the world stage that they seek – because the reason why folks like the monarchy is that sense of dignified continuance of balance, that there’s an actual adult person in charge, and not children in a candy store running amok.


making up their own rules instead of knowing law, saying america is the best nation to be armed against the government, were guns have rights and wombs do not, wombs need guns too.

Understanding then, applying that now for a better future for everyone, or there’s no reason for everyone to participate and we need a system in which more people benefit, because right now, too few have far too much…and there are too many people – we need public education for women and that includes reproductive rights and freedoms for women, not rights for rapists.


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