When a Girl Buys TechnoGadgets

Staples used to be an office supply company and now they are a retail store offering print shop services and general office supplies and furnishings.

Future Shop was consumer electronics gadgets, home appliances and Best Buy Bought them out and eventually replaced it.

Retail stores are still doing minimum wage and sales quotas for slightly better. Worse, they continue to put men in the high value commission area whereas women sales people work the low margin end. Both genders get free weekend hours doing inventory and eventually class actions for overtime pay and fair working conditions, which are supposed to have already been in place and in law………

Big Box Stores that are mini-malls with departments anchor malls with stores specializing in the same products and often the same brands. Malls, MegaMalls that double as theme parks and hotel complexes, then the Fake Village Mall for those extreme high end prices on faux local via a regional pagan peasant thing being the new superfood or fashion statement, being artificially increased in price so that the locals cannot afford their own foods and now need aid, meanwhile – critters are being factory fed to pump out eggs, coffee beans or their liver pate.

Women use electronic gadgets, but it is still difficult to have a salesman take you serious.


so, salespersons in electronics, when a man walks through the department to get somewhere else, ignore him and pay attention to the women who wander in and then out when no one talks to them, if you want to earn commissions or meet quotas.


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