Republicans to Rethuglicans

“Anybody can be a bully, anybody can be belligerent, but you’re still running for the highest office in the land. You’ve got to conduct yourself that way both running for it and in the office,” said Derrick Kitts, who was watching the debate at a Manchester bar with friends. CBC

The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is more then the numbers running for the nomination – democrats rarely announce god want them to for starters.

For seconds, they are behaving with awareness of working together after the current popularity contest and are battling for best democrat progressive. Sanders in policy, Clinton as a practise.

AS for the Rethug- er – republicans, they are boys will be boys and that’s just how their girls roll.

It makes me wonder how the party functions with the constant follow the most sensational anti-government leader. if they dislike government so, why are they in it?

as they can barely function in the same room as each other, how are they supposed to be credibly able to work with anyone else?

I think Christie nailed the entire group:

“You have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable — you just simply haven’t,” said Christie.

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