Call me coward

thank you for helping me find my courage as a queer in Canada,

a reminder of who we are in the world, people who have as much right to exist and live as much as everyone else – and it’s the people who don’t want to work, play and live well with others who are the problem.

ethiopian homo

Although it has been out since 2012, I finally summoned the necessary courage to watch Call Me Kuchu, a documentary about the struggle for queer rights in Uganda. I knew it would be a difficult film to watch – the story of our African queer activists rarely ends well.

I remember the brutal murder of queer activist David Kato five years ago. I remember the passage of the “kill the gays” bill. I remember the large number of people who marched on the streets of Uganda in support of the bill. I vividly remember the newspaper that printed on its front page pictures and names of supposed homos with a simple message: “Hang them!” I remember that I followed the news as if my life depended on it.

But yet … I selfishly wanted a reprieve from re-remembering.

Watching the documentary, I think of my inability to live openly as…

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