Tunguska Event and Aftermath

1908 – June 30 – a forest is flattened, a fiery sky and a booming shock-wave. It is deep Siberia and a long time before anyone was sent to explore – they were looking for Alien/UFOs, or meteor/comet fragments, no one knew what had happened exactly and looking at the results of a forest reduced to so much timber just laying down and no animals.

Meanwhile In America – Nikola Tesla is trying to give humanity free energy, navigating Millionaire Philanthropists who seek to make money from inventions and avoiding Government employment entanglements…. Tesla had built a tower to transmit energy particle pulses, his work laying to groundwork for global weather management, earth/space/inter-continential missile defense and actual Death Ray devices, his brilliance making him at once the pure theoretical with the apparent arch villian – but Tesla did not put theory and tech about humans – he apparently scuttled his work and distributed it for when humans would be more capable of managing it’s technology.

Given the Japan Reactor ongoing event, it is clear that we have not – why is there not international oversight to step in when nations have failed to manage? we know that the scope and reach of any given government exceeds it’s border boundaries, annexing and cultural overlays, globalization: the realization that we are all in this together, and we go as one, one way or the other, eh.

Apparently, the tower was so well build, it took extra effort to bring it down – which also is why building codes are minimums, not maximums.


Did Tesla generate a charge to impress a north pole expedition and overshoot the mark or miscalculate either gravity or the magnetic north to demonstrate the possible power of his technology of taping into nature’s forces and applying the existing transmission of energy through the earth, water and air mediums that make up the surface intersection of the planet?

We can rule out the UFO explanation as outright nonsense or at least, non-testable.

There is no clear impact crater, so whatever it was, broke up in mid air and fragmented or sublimated into ash moisture dust? the pattern of the flattening appeared to later post WW2 eyes to be similar to a nuclear explosion….

but the trees look like Mount Saint Helens from 1980, and it may be a geological event, ground up and out?

what one sees and finds is often shaped by what is already known and how to interpret something that no one else has apparently seen before.

there is a man who has found a number of interesting rocks, which are likely to be asteroid or meteor fragments…. maybe it was this event that changed Tesla’s equations, a mass of metals and energy, attractive to discharges – more likely than the protector aliens who saved humanity or at least, the earth from annihilation…. humans and their eccentricity of centrificacy.



we are not the only life on this planet and one of the biggest misunderstandings that people have of evolution is that it is directed in some way, it’s random happenstance, and there are events that alter shape and impact – and no one is in charge other than the golden rule of those who have the gold, rule. gold is transmitting and transmutable in nuclear reactions and we can in fact make it now, sorry chemistry’s predecessors, the alchemists – but thank you for the scientific method.

we assume what is good is passed along and retained, but history shows time over it is lost and re-discovered, and the bad is what remains: people controlling others, throttling progress and populations, reorganizations and revolutions, punctuated social evolution, order to chaos to order, every generation turns, learns, turns, twists and shouts.

We knew about volcanoes, but we have since learned about supervolcanos, magma releases, lightening around volcanoes, pyroclastic flows, geysers and hot springs…

techno-phobia, machines replacing human labour… why do humans have to labour where there’s machines? did we create those to invent leisure time? didn’t we invent right so everyone had some leisure time, which is only possible when you are personally sovereign. social control or conspiracy? mental wellness and too much time on our hands? Productivity or products? Inventive imagination, understanding of consequences, brainbots vs glandbots vs godbots.

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Tunguska event – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Tunguska event was a large explosion that occurred near the Stony TunguskaRiver, in Yeniseysk Governorate, now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russian Empire, on the morning of 30 June 1908 (N.S.).

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