The Theatre’s front of house


Giving new meaning to is there a doctor in the house? A theatre actor dies in a theatrical hanging.

No one on stage knew anything was untoward, it was an audience member, a recently graduated medical student who realized from the body motions that the hanging was happening unstaged on the stage, theatre turned real life on a rope.

Safety Gear – but where were the riggers and the stunt oversight?

where once we watched actual public executions, we watch stage versions; the unreality of real – are we seeing what we think we’re seeing?

Other performers die and their legacy remains in video and audio recordings, so in a way, they remain with us. A complete loss of person for their families and friends, for certain, but the level of audience connection.. live in person, lifelike on screen…

Death rate drops as B.C. loggers embrace safe practices on ……/story.html

Apr 25, 2011 – Death rate drops as B.C. loggers embrace safe practices on the job …The life-vest attracted attention among the passengers, and the pilot told himIn 2010, six workers died in B.C.’s forests for the second consecutive year.

Shakespeare wrote above his education and his station… he listened and saw other plays, he learned and he applied, or maybe he was a front guy as a pen name. It just gives the plays another dimension, written as warnings, and while patrons and politics shaped the material and the tone, Richard the 3rd was indeed a hunchback, they were written for the penny seats – a means of seeing their social elite as humanized and in bawdy bodies, lessons subtexted, social seasons turns, comedy and drama is tragedy over time.

the world is a stage and we are all players, observed and observing, both at the same time

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