Iowa Fracas

Ted Cruz broke the law with the mail fraud and used sleazy tactics to win the Iowa delegate race.

Trump, who positioned himself above the normal rules of politics by skipping the final debate and hosting his own event, wants Iowa to vote again. Something that is always never done.

Rubio is getting a bounce effect as the more charming and personable to win over the voter base and pretend the he might appeal to the so called undecided, which is seeming more and more like the republican base of whether they are going to vote or not.

With the field narrowing itself, three drop outs one the Republican side and one from the Democrats after this first stage of Party Selection for the Top Job in the world.

Republicans are like the Canadian conservatives, they would rather self destruct than compromise, it feeds the martyr complex while the Democrats are like our Libs: will sell grandparents to stay in power.

Politicans don’t direct policy so much as rename the leavers and buttons and fiddle with them, and elections disrupt governance when government policy is subject to reversals and programs are created like vapourware.

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