The Kit Kat Caper

She bought a box of 8 kit kat bars that turned out to be all chocolate with no wafer portion. Effectively getting more value of product than she paid for owing to factory error, something which can be expected to occur even with modern manufacturing, it’s why there are such things as factory seconds.

I am sure the kit kat company will be happy to fix this at their factory, but to claim mental distress and anguish is why women are not taken seriously when they “allege” rape or abuse.

For someone who is a law student to not understand the concept of professional dignity and conduct, is very telling and I strongly suggest she change her major to something in the psyche area so that she becomes more self aware and socially capable.

She is clearly unable to understand what a civil legal action, and what constitutes real loss.

But this is the internet age and people doing stupid selfish things is what people do best, freedom of speech and the law of averages shows how much speech is content deficient, much like sugar over processed product providing calories and nothing else.

the customer is rarely right, but they are always righteous.

I am just trying to imagine her applying to be an articles student or being a lawyer, she will always be the Kit Kat Girl now.

If she had found mouse droppings, insects (and there’s like 16 per bar on average) something that one could point to as unanticipated and horrific, she would have a small claims case, but her claim of damage is not reasonable and her compensation is outrageous and rather borders on American style litigation and fame seeking stunts.



Woman Demands Lifetime Supply of Kit Kats After Finding Wafer Missing

This is not a joke. Saima Ahmad, a student in London, is demanding that Nestle give her a lifetime supply of Kit Kats after she purchased a pack …


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