As Particle to Wave, so Person to Society

Particles have their spin in the pathway they are in

Their partner does-do, heads or tails, we don’t know

Until we observe their dog and pony show.

the original elementsrbows

Light is a particle wave

colour is the wavelength, frequency is intensity  the energy data is colour and temperature tonal perception emotional impact In a Physics First, Light is Captured as Both Particle and Wave Physicists have theorized for over a century that light acts … Continue reading

dangling participles over


Whole Particles

it is only from existence that we can ponder it if there is nothing. there’s nothing to talk about Higgs Boson Could Explain Matter’s Dominance over Antimatter A new theory suggests the Higgs field varied in the early universe, offering … Continue reading

The medium, strong or weak, push or pull

earth and moon gravity wellsypersymmetry

Forces and Density: Applying Science

Strong Force, weakens when close, quantum overlap? binary resolves? Weak Force, Electro-magnetic – gravity – the densifer – temperature – color – an attribute, variable – setting the scale and considerable – lattice in the platitude, exactitude rigidity forms, neurons … Continue reading


Specialist, Generalists, Statisticians, Biology and Chemistry, earth to sky meteorology 

Fold Mountainsearth magnetism

Science Disiplines Inter-inform

I studied the soft sciences and literature during my post secondary education, so this is naturalistic speculation of an amateur hobbist. 🙂   In geology class, we talked about river systems and how water moves. The curves of the river … Continue reading


the colour of the energy marks the power of the wave, temperature matters to solids, the resting state of rigid form, geology is physics written in rock-brown a congealed secondary colour not in the primary rainbow wheel, …the other side of the rainbow, red to brown before it fades to black..shade no colour all colour white, ultra on the flip


The Universe: Parsley Sage Rosemary and

Bang – things start with time, maybe not a lot, maybe just a little, but it was enough to accelerate Big shifts in scale and positions, causality meaning understood after a time, eh Inflammation Can Fan The Flames Of Depression … Continue reading



Genes and Memes, Data packets of biological chemistry, humans are the first quantum computers, able to consider scenarios and forecast planning unlike any other. If only we stop thinking we are the end of history, rather than a moment in the continum, which might well explain the extreme anxiety of doomsday religions: the end never comes in their lifetime, they don’t get to be the special ones. thus the only purpose of religion is to maintain a social order, which it can no longer offer to government, so no reason for religion to get a get out of taxes, private clubs are not charities, which are not permitted to advocate the government from which their handouts come.. . 

RFranklinPage copyschrodingers-cat word

Genetics & Evolution: The Leap

Genetics: DNA with RNA the Code. mDNA – all part and parcel – mutations, mash ups, mix up, copy errors, mix n match. Gregor Mendle: The Pea Gardener Minister – he figured out dominant and recessive genes – which is … Continue reading


religion vs scienceDo the mathverse

Nina blue red Nina red bllue

right and left are up and down

Nina in classic 3 d glasses

depending on the horizon event

Nina Blue Nina Red

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