Raccoon rides the Toronto subway

Toronto has had racoons climbing 6 stories up on scafolding and then there was this one who earned a street memorial



Canadians have become a bit strange with the climate change, eh

Why Evolution Is True

Some animal fun for the afternoon from Blog TO:a raccoon rides the Toronto subway, and just this morning!

Toronto’s unofficial mascot was spotted on the TTC earlier today, to the surprise, amusement and chagrin of morning commuters. The raccoon was seen lurking around the subway platform sniffing at people’s feet before boarding the train at Spadina station.

As reported by CP24, trains were briefly delayed before our furry bandit-eyed friend disappeared into the subway tunnel. It’s unclear how the raccoon got into the station.

I hope it’s okay in the tunnel. Raccoons need to be aboveground! Remember that Toronto loves its raccoons (see also here).


201522-racoon-ttc2 Is it looking for poutine?

h/t: James

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