Advocating Rape is a hate crime

Roosh V, the fake online name for  Daryush Valizadeh, advises men on how to rape and abuse women for sex.

Apparently, his blog has turned into a book and a travel series of books on how to rape and otherwise destroy a women’s self esteem for a one time fuck – demonstrating rather neatly the gender differences around sex. Conquest vs Commitment.

Rape is not a social encounter or a snuggle with a struggle. It is physical assault at best and just short of murder at worst.

it is curious to me that if men really want sex from women, then this man to man behavior is rather strange, because where they want to impress is other men.

Apparently men forget that women are also able to read.


Apparently I forgot that while literacy is the highest it’s ever been in human history, most people, male and female in fact can’t read or don’t actually have access to information.

This is where the taking advantage of and viewing life through a Glandbot lens.

Homo Sapiens are the only animal species that does not have a breeding season. We like sex so much that we will do it for pleasure rather than procreation.

People behave within the limits of their society, from the majority middle to the extremes. More a what can I get away with while the getting is good hedonistic mindset.

There were men who built Empires, and men who spawned them.

Do men strive to be Caesars or Genghis Khan – time may stand still in some places in the world, religion’s only social function is to prevent the poor from revolting against the rich.

Religion can no longer offer Governments the promise of a manageable population in return for validating the government by crowning the heads or delivering voter blocks in the mob rule of democracy.

Religion teaches people to not think for themselves and to obey, how it has warped our sexuality and impaired social progress towards actual equality.


Why are there still heterosexual women?

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Accused of Rape: #astroSH Was Mainly Silent. (science 2.0 site)

interesting how women and men can’t even discuss these matters

victims vs victimizers: social privilege eh



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Understanding Conservative Speak

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Memo to GOP: Rapists are Parents too

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Men: alpha, beta, charlie

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Religion 1015-atheism-quote

Understanding Rape Culture 101

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religion_o_1224199Science vs religion

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