Three cartoons

The middle cartoon about sexism/racism is TOTALLY BRILLIANT! because it is what people are wrongly understanding as an either/or – it is in fact entirely sexist the quote he is saying, in both cultural contexts and we have to stop giving religion a cultural pass on social progress – and frankly I like the idea that the man is being the feminist. reading dependant…..also shows the whole “assume thang” and responding to the entire message rather than a knee jerk emotionalism

Why Evolution Is True

One on atheism, one on religion + authoritarianism, and one on evolution. I’d say that’s a good haul for today.


Given the level of rancor on the Internet about such matters, I feel that I need to say something about the cartoon below, one that’s bound to anger some folks and provoke a chuckle in others. It seems pretty clear to me that the target of the satire is those who employ double standards when it comes to criticizing sexism, showing their own racism (the racism of lowered expectations) rather than the implied racism of those they accuse. I’d be interested to see if others have a different take.


Bloom County Facebook page is here.12594044_1122593967771355_1522555412812078116_o

h/t: Vera, Steve

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