from Theory to Applied Technology

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The Ancients: Navigation

One of the most astonishing finds was the Antikythera Mechanism. The device calculated the positions of the Sun Moon Mercury and Venus and is an extremely rare, apparently one off invention – that was so revolutionary, it took another 1,000 … Continue reading

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Star Gazing Technology

Geometry math and navigation: discovering the world is round and circles the sun. The stars were what we watched before television, if you knew how to read them, you could tell stories and find your way around. Star Gazing and … Continue reading

Titanic 51IXwVxc6-L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_     airship explodes      flying-beyond-the-stall-master g7726jh2-1415192523 boeing787

Humans: Technology without Responsibility

Blinding pilots – that sure escalated from snowballing street vehicles. This is the problem with the Disclaimer Culture and no personal responsibility. where is the line from “boys will be boys” mischief to how did you not know this causes … Continue reading

Era_of_flight_F-15_f-86_P-38 Giant_planes_comparison-1200 9781498726177 Caudron_G3-3-300px electric-trains 71yRtBZhL0L._SX425_ 066396 train12 001 spellbound4ki2.9485

transportation and destinations

gobekli-tepe gc3b6bekli-tepe-1

The Message of Science Fiction: Technology without Management Wisdom

Containing Fukushima Is “Beyond Current Technology”. Worldwide Radiation is the Unspoken Consequence May 11, 2015 – “The Chief of the Fukushima… seriously – if there was anyone who should have been there to help it was the usa, they unleashed … Continue reading

Gobeklitepe_Home_002 gobeklitepe_nov08_631.jpg__800x600_q85_crop gobekli-dancers-sculpture-160          Moorish-Chess-A-depiction-of-Moorish-noblemen-playing-the-board-game-Book-of-Games-1283-AD massive archives family docments Pyramids

journeys of the mind, lands and places in time

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time before time, time after time, time and again

Dr Gus Casely-Hayford pavement-floor-you-had-one-job

how to belong, how to be, what to do and who to see

B29JfpFCYAM2Fsv.jpg large Bettany Hughes-detail 51alJjyE1uL humans impacting the landscape in a way other species cannot, we shift and dig and stack and shape, not finding what we want, we see what we can make

0dxb Dubai worker-drone-queen

killhim globalpyramid1-500x450            MarketingTools1-300x296 communication-pic1 i-6b12a165560966e1cdaa5e52e0f106bb-Newtonpowertools

The Migration Mambo

Technology is applied theory:Transportation Transformation   Vikings and navigation, not to mention the shipbuilding tech. Airships built of metal and inflammable gas…   train songs, pain songs, leaving on a train songs… Journeys of discovery or pilgrimages to destinations thoughts … Continue reading

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Fantasy to SciFi: Magic.Technology.AlienAbility

Writing regular or period realistic writing is probably more challenging than getting to solve or resolve characters and plot lines with *POOF*  Magic.Tech.PsiAbility I think it’s really funny when “religions” object to stories with magic in them….

1954-Cadillac-Fleetwood-Elvis-600-Optimized 106280_600 dnmandera2112fa  FLEEMANSpharmacyCOKErwLIPACKowner      stones-wintersunset towergarden

we can built and make offerings to deities, or we can infrastructure and feed everyonespiralfarm future-tower-power-agriculture VanishingBeesPoster       7e5e413264b7ad9e1eb93c20ea4b42e0         66270b3157c7b58848fc04e7c93fcabc db7e8ffdcb7fe118337e944234c2e7b2 religion dark ages2  fibonacci-spiral-inventions1 Maler_der_Grabkammer_des_Sennudem_001 f69ca96b4f50691b84ff178904660bd9 608223-1810-21  HeritageTimeLine


The Human Experience over Time

These are the places where humans could roam and settle into communities of extended families and inter-related by shared values and common good – protection, food distribution, exchange of ideas, trade goods and skills – and most of all, stories …Continue reading

93837-036-5FC8F959 invention-wheel-sumerian d-wave_exterior polls_monkeys_5402_278712_poll_xlarge    famous_french_monuments_eiffel_tower famous monuments_4b00499853876 18f4l8wblmm8sjpg       fe05aedb3b6c011a120ace5db8d7e9b8   boat-tools2          XtXb9pD

Planet X or Planet 9

In actual science, it was thought that there might be another planet beyond Pluto and that the Mayan Calendar failed to calculate leap years, and they stopped calculating by the end of their civilization. In pseudo science, that new age … Continue reading

01b582d    almost-correct-construction-worker_o_379268 Aussie+council+workers+aussie+council+workers+getting+the+job+done_76f38c_4376906 city donuts           Lego Civil Unrest Sets Halifax_Explosion_Aftermath_LOC_1_-_retouched


Work, Clothing and Customs

We act like work now is on par with work then. Doing Laundry doesn’t mean dragging down to the river and rinse, beat on rock and repeat. Dump in machine, add soap, push button. Change Machine, button and it’s dry. … Continue reading

Meme Child Coal breakers

Meme Child Coal breakers

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sections-rc-graphic1 2012-634883347687194926-719  _81577467_buddhas_pair3D-Buddha-projector-youtube

Pyramids: Ritual Life, Death Rife

Dr Kara Cooney, Egyptologist, hosts a Discovery Channel series Out of Egypt and has written about Hatshepsut, the first Woman Pharaoh. The fertile Nile valleys were a prime place for agriculture and surplus to not only bring people together, but … Continue reading


ford-storm-281213_lead_media_image_1 icestorm-canada-pylons-down overview-of-smart-power-grid blackout_diagram beaufort-wind-scale memearcade.com_764_1369837674

Scribes: The Origins of Bureaucracy

Systems of writing – scribes of governing religion, headed by a king and supported by the priest caste who wrote as work. Eventually, the work of government and religion became housed separately, with elder sons serving the state and the … Continue reading

thank-you-for-smoking imaginative HumanChimpGenomes630 Ape_skeletons comparison-primate-hands  canadarm2-photo-from-csa-tumblr-blog


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