Sorry Firefox, Chrome it is

I really really liked using Firefox, but every time there’s a major update, it messes up my internet, so since last night, I couldn’t get all the way into wordpress.

I am have moved to Google Chrome, it’s faster and fully featured.

from BBS that morphed into the public forums, and the MUDS that were the foundations of social media.

All office productivity software, the 80% that you actually need is do-able in a browser, programs in suites, a symphony of productivity: documents and spreadsheets and relational databases of contacts, and contacts – all that data, rough and raw –

Web 3.0: The Big Data Frontier: Archival Legacy.

We’re all working in a data mine, trend fads, teasers of seams, the surface web to the deep web, flame wars and steam blowing, social geyers and vents, ride the wild web waves.

What’s Data got to do with it? heaps of trivia contained on media of the era

transfer and accessibility…. white papers, paper tigers

Recorded Sound

content vs container


so basically all the cds and dvds and blu rays we’ve bought have less archival life than a vinyl record…




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