Of States that Matter, there are 3


solids, liquids and gases; we were told that was all that there was


then what, I asked, is fire?

stunned looked and a hand wave, that’s for those who go to university.

the grown up way to say “I don’t know” to a child.



what we perceive is what we are most concerned with

solids and liquids, rigidity and plasticity, water has a temperature range of liquid, something slush state and then ice – so solid is more encompassing and blurred with liquids, after all – panes of window glass flow downward and over time, become thicker on the bottom than the top when it first started, liquid and solid, temperature, pressure, and time observed…

the rest is abstract reasoning with logic and math and intuitive imagination processing of what if….

pressure, density, gravity

cold, temperature, heat

color spectrum, energy, ultra to infra

solid water, ice, sublimates into gas after all


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