Feb 1, 2016 – News Anxiety Therapy

well, the headline I’ve been F5ing (screen re-fresh function button; function buttons are computer keyboard row above the QWERTY layout) is finally posted!

Thank you for smokingNina and Metropolisexpelled

US election: Ted Cruz wins Iowa Republican vote (BBC)

On the Democrat side of this political theatre Clinton and Saunders are 1% apart and the also ran has stopped running.

for Republicans it was a Cruz, Trump then Rubio trailing followed by the Also Rans, of whom the money burning is smoking to a free fall stop. (Also Ran, as in horse racing)


now, for something with less hot air and more substance: calories the stuff of foods.

  • Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley have written a very excellent article about food and why what we say we know is total bollocks. 
  • Why the Calorie is Broken


Food, that is, things which are edible, provides energy, vitamins, nutrients, protiens and fiber.

Cooking foods helps to break them down, rendering them more edible and safe to eat, as well as doing a lot of the heavy lifting of digestion.

Energy gains are a mix of what you eat in terms of calories in and the energy you expend in using them up – but also how much you have to eat to to maximize the nutrient part we use and the filler part that we just expel.

the calorie is a unit of energy, which is where it becomes incorrect – it’s the absorption of what we are getting out of the food.

Elvis on Movies


garbage in garbage out, as for data, so for food, and food is what we literally make our bodies of – sleep and the functions of the body of doing the maintenance and repair.

Our immune system are our nanobots. at least, that what the nanobots will first be programmed to replicate, I expect.

from the land of the first test tube babies, comes the groundwork for designer babies, Starship Troopers! Khaaaaaaaan, eh?

rivers-edge-movie-poster-1986-1020252043Whos diary

we ignore the ignoble eugenics past and hope for a better tomorrow from the best of us today… sounds like the same shit just on a different side of the pile.

… London, to use the genomeediting technique CRISPR–Cas9 in healthy human embryos.

AH well, those Frankensteins who just gotta put theory to the practise, who are the real monsters? (cliched eh)

tumblr_mk8m69enQL1rjqhr8o4_1280rabbit test

Actually the interesting item that was on the news today was this one, there are 2 movies, one as a bio-pic and one as a biomovie in a movie about (meta-tainment) about a television news achor who, in 1974, referred to the station’s commitment to blood n guts reporting, shot herself in the head in a television first.

The station immediately secured the tapes and apparently turned them over to the family. This was 1974 and while utterly sensational, was regional television.

Christine Chubbuck – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

She died by suicide during a live television broadcast. …. That morning’s talk show guest waited across the studio while Chubbuck sat at the news anchor’s desk.

in 1976, a movie about television news was released, in which an anchor threatens and rants he’s mad as hell, and viewers do the same


the monday morning washline was the Original Social Media, after all eh?

in the movie, the news, honest and rude merged with the entertainment branch, planned and lewd – media paying groups to submit their own recordings of crimes to meet broadcast deadlines.


it could never happen… the media isn’t that corruptible? viewers aren’t so…


Gladiators? LIKE

Public hanging in the town square to broadcast executions, CNN turned war into showtime.

if it bleeds it leads, and humans seems to enjoy this sanctimony of suffering, from the comfort and saftey of the newsreader glow, on a comfy couch and too little nutrients in too much food, and then faux raging over social media about social awareness, comforted by having done one’s part.

CaptainsAndTheKingsWar+Remembrance_dvdScreen Shot 2014-04-14 at 4.03.14 PM

Mali Mass Shootings: Media Method

3 Canadians from Quebec are among the escapees from a Hotel Radisson with 125 guests in Bamako the capitol city of the African nation of Mali. Reporting INSIDE Canada they should be identified as Quebeckers, reporting internationally, they should be … Continue reading

Maysel Brothers - Salesman Jesus Campnewsroom 4

Media Workplace Shooting Broadcast over Social Media

Vester Lee Flanagan II is identified as the gunman in the shooting deaths of WDBJ7-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward. Parker was interviewing Vicki Gardner, a local official, at Smith Mountain Lake, Va., when all three of them were shot at 6:45 … Continue reading


Mass Shootings reach Critical Mass

The gunmen, wearing military-style clothing, entered the building and opened fire before fleeing in a black SUV. America – a terrorist attack on a facility providing services to disabled people has raised the bar on offensive salt in the wounds. … Continue reading

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