Rights vs Rites: Life and Death rituals

We’re not dead yet’: 4 remaining militants refuse to leave Oregon wildlife refuge (CBC)

A few tear gas containers or a blockade until they come out or starve should end this and reduce further deaths.

it’s not a legal stand, it’s not a social justice stand, it’s not a supportable stand, it is a greedy stand that they are making – they are not heros or martyrs, they are selfish.



5 snowmobilers dead in an avalanche in BC while Ontario has a police shooting

2 dead, 3 injured in downtown Toronto shooting



Anne of Green Gables becomes the poster child for reproductive freedom and the anti-abortion group says she’s the icon of adoption, which is one of the options that arise from choice – and they miss their point in pettiness and unawareness of a 7 billion population worldwide, but in my experience, most anti-abortionists are only really concerned with their own demographic, anti-abortion being an expression of racism and attempting to control lives that one has no business controlling: other people.

Heading over to BBC, there is too much bad news.

an attack here and 50 dead, an attack there and more dead – then

10,000 children missing and presumed dead or enslaved in the sex trade (BBC)


UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse …

http://www.theguardian.com › World › Central African Republic
Apr 29, 2015 – UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French … The report documented the sexual exploitation of children as young as …
Teachers in schools in the camps exploited children in exchange for passing … It prohibits such behavior by all UN staff and by the staff of all organizations …

Child Labour – the United Nations


All the workers were afraid of the employer, especially the children. … little chance of obtaining a decent job and escaping the cycle of poverty and exploitation.


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