King and Queens of Country



Bill Monroe, Bluegrass

Hank Williams Sr, Pure to Cornpone brew,

Jimi Rodgers, country bop

Garth Brooks, pop country



Kitty Wells, honkey tonk

Patsy Cline, Hillbilly to Nashville

Olivia Newton-John, Down Under Rebound 1970s

kd lang cow punked to Shania Twain, Poised Poseur

currently The Plastic Taylor Swift USA


The Outlaw

“Cold, Cold Heart”

I tried so hard,my dear,to show that you’re my every dream
Yet you’re afraid each thing I do is just some evil scheme
A memory from your lonesome past keeps us so far apart
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart?Another love before my time made your heart sad and blue
And so my heart is paying now for things I didn’t do
In anger, unkind words are said that make the teardrops start
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart?You’ll never know how much it hurts to see you sit and cry
You know you need and want my love, yet you’re afraid to try
Why do you run and hide from life, to try it just ain’t smart
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart?

There was a time when I believed that you belonged to me
But now I know your heart is shackled to a memory
The more I learn to care for you, the more we drift apart
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart?

hank williams sr.
echoed by
Hank Williams Jr
Hank Williams III
and I understand that there’s a Hank IV


Elvis Presley recorded country songs as blues songs and blues songs as country songs and injected them with the youthful enthusiasm for sex hopefulism, to strike on the balance of correct words between the get it right now to promised commitment radio by the light of the dashboard light.

With most country and blues being wrong done me, wrong you done to others, hangovers and heartaches, what a sorry world and what a sorry me.

beyond the blush of first love to later loves of finding old ones again or discovering new ones, everyone has a past they can;’t forget and the horrible part is when things are paid forward, the consequences are on those who came into the story later and who’s new love can’t help you overcome the despair of early losses – under the assumption of consent going into, and lamenting the non-consent of suddenly being out of relationship.

the breaker vs the breakee

what people, and I mean that as an all encompassing, anyone and all ones, struggle the most to get over is injustice in childhood – because this is the microcosm that people grow up in as their initial experience of the world.

the word “trust” as foundational as it is in concept, is the first broken, always fractured and never repairable, the fill falls out, dust on the wind

marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads Patsy Cline box setBuddy Holly Box set 1

men’s songs, soldiers and gunslingers, lawbringers and law breakers

women’s songs, heartbreaks and heart aches, good girls gonna go bad

men’s songs to men, men’s songs to women, and women to men, then gal to gal

Kris Kristofferson and Gordon Lightfoot9 to 5 movie poster

country songs, folk songs, people’s songs, protest songs

notes, chords, melodies and tunes, stealing the licks from the blues

the beat, make time, thebeatthebeatthebeat, 2/4 time to 2timeby


Nina with ONJ Uk v CanWild West movie posterNina with ONJ Physical


Hank Snow souvenir programrpmLove Me Tender Lobby Card


Hank WIlliams Musical Suit lord_of_the_flies_xlgDonna Douglas

MPW-16798Flaming Starlou_-_road_warrior



Dixie-Chicks-EW-COver Shut_up_and_sing_postertexasmonthly


Mick-Jagger-Ned-Kelly---Film-64394Food Secuirty 2blue collar comedy_


The Rainmaker3097958


Charley Pride's Greatest, Charley Pride Charley-Pride-Sunday-Morning-Wi-457969charleypride-christmasinmyhometowncharley_pride-kiss_an_angel_good_mornin_sR-3336721-1425005942-1380.jpeg 8cb78b16154c13f51173047bb11be169

LAramie ProjectBoysDontCry-PosterArtalbum-kd-lang-Reintarnation


kdlangps3 MI0002792606patsy-cline


ONJ Clearly LoveR-2651910-1336731581-8300.jpegR-1772212-1323107812.jpegR-1460280-1221393777.jpegPatsy-Cline-The-Patsy-Cline-S-522938Patsy-Cline-Sentimentally-You-451253patsy-cline-alwaysMI0000652617MI0003601340Patsy_Cline_-_Sweet_DreamsindexPatsy_Cline_-_The_Patsy_Cline_Storyhqdefaultcline_patsy_live_cimaron_ballroom_cdcline_in_careb9be8d40dd4f6746ee035c9cc912c2f9c8fed2e2onjaus














jesuschristsuperstarposterVanity Projects Cameron Level64721a2dcbfed0f88c2a137d92dc639e



51DzsS9sY+L._SY355_ True-Blood1 MV5BMTM5MDQzMjg5N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDAxMTAyMQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_


Red Dawn poster6294363-l Col Tom Parker was the first to receive Elvis stamps during a first day the stamps went on sale at the Las Vegas Hilton on 1-8-93. jeff scheid


follow-that-dream-movie-poster-1962-1020427158kdlang-mos-lpRed and White Poster

stay away joeesimages9192



ThreeHanks to-kill-a-mockingbird


FRONTelvis hillbilly large


2291181-bj1982 El_forajido-551104920-large 2749637873_fc2d1a75f6ronnie_mcdowell-the_king_is_gone


Maysel Brothers - Salesman Jesus Camp

Lorne Greene coverbest-bonanza-lorne-greene-dvd-cover-artLittleHouse_1__16611




large_z2dqvxj17aw6xpimrlclfhksfumDesert Hearts1fried_green




gay zorroBattlestar-GalacticaRobinHoodMeninTights_Poster

tumblr_inline_n5y6foZmbu1rpogsiExcalibur_GBQ Movies LOTR Trilogy DVD Box Set May252004 $69 






Oil Family Wealth to Middle Class with technology that threatens the industry…


hoaxes and rebirths, reinvention, re-used and overdubbed.

MI0000023650 190_Orion_Book_and_Reborn_CD_1










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