Iowa Votes in Republican Primary

Trump’s counter event deflated the last debate where the others took pot shots at Trump’s empty place, then shot holes in each other.

How is does this suggest they can even work as a party, never mind in government?

Canadian born Ted Cruz, and it gives me less than zero pleasure to identify him in any way that connects him to me: Canadian – at least, not born in my province of British Columbia – he’s an Alberta boy, doing what Stephen Harper did not – go south for a political career. Mind you, Harper got to be PM, the one who made us miss former PM Brian Mulrooney and our Progressive Conservative Party, who were Canada’s Tories.

Ted Cruz has had a major campaign stumble – he sent out packages designed to appear as if they were government correspondence to voters and advising them of being potential law breakers.

It is not illegal to not vote in the US of A.

Cruz’s campaign material is likely in violation of not only election law, but the Postal Act – mail fraud. Impersonating government too, eh?

I am unsure how displaying one’s passion for what one wants to be while demonstrating utter ignorance and even contempt of actual law qualifies one to be in office.

It is rather disturbing that there are more requirements to sort mail in a government mail-room than there are to become a public figure in charge of said department.

In America, Obama was the first crowd sourced president, his campaign funds were more from the people than from corporations.

Donald Trump will likely be the first Republican Candidate to be entirely personally funded, and thus not beholden to Business Interest or Think Tank Lobbies.

With the Republican Party Candidate Pickings of really the bottom of the barrel, barely being able to appeal to their own base, they have little chance to gain the “undecided” and apathetic who fall outside of their favored demographic : heterosexual white males.



as horrid a thought as it is, Trump might actually be the best of a bad lot choice


he is the only candidate with any possibility of negotiating with the democrats and within the Republicans, because, as Trump proves time again, obnoxious and vulgar gets the headlines, but nothing is nothing, to bottom line success.

crisis-opportunity management is nothing but turning failures into successes

and nothing engenders favor more than humility and redemption

something that the usual republican caught with a live boy/dead girl – Stand By Your Man show’s crocodile tears of human frailty in the face of temptation

In reality, I expect Trump to win the Rethuglican Nom and be an also ran in the history footnote with the actual voters staying home, too embarrassed to vote.


the question mark for me, is the Democrats… will they go “forward” with the woman and remain in policy place, or “backwards” to a man and forward in policy… social change, fits and spurts, punctuated and legislated, an enlightenment revolution

dear new atheists, who are the new queers, viva la revolution


this is why Monarch’s “work” – social stability

but we know that over time, they don’t, Monarchies get inbred

rule by the people with a flip flop every 4 years as if they are monarchy

tog of warring over the legislation of the land, tweaking here and snipping there

the legal framework, overburdened and cumbersome

red tape not responsive to shifting social vaules

liberating liberty is to increase equality, not throttle it

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