Hollywood and (insert)isms

I am unsure why people are surprised that movies are not representative of the public, they never have been.

The very blueprint format of movies – scripts – are encoded  as production breakdown, not to be seen by the viewers, but department heads into a cohesive artistic vision.

the shooting schedule looks to sluglines – scene overviews all capped to single line

EXT/INT – Exterior or Interior

PHYSICAL LOCATION (location name)


then in the descriptive text of what is seen and heard are CHARACTERS (casting details)

Introducing Characters NAME IN ALL-CAPS (Age, casting demographic, costume cue)

characters are assumed white unless otherwise actually specified. let that sink in a moment. humans do not actually have default settings with variations, we just vary in life

Ethnicity of villain and shady characters depends on which nations we’re friendly with or not

the white hats vs black hats, us vs them, the easy conflict, plotting formulas


Nina & The Screenwriters workbook

Disability Is Not Just a Metaphor – The Atlantic

Jul 23, 2014 – The entertainment industry loves disabled characters—but not disabled actors. … They are played by actors who are not disabled in real life. … “Playing disability is a considered a technical skill for an actor, and casting directors and producers prefer to seek non-disabled actors …

Diversity stands upon Hollywood. The 2009 Hollywood Disabilities Forum, with Actor Robert David Hall, best known for his recurring role on CSI: Crime Scene …

Syd Foundations screenplay screenwriter_s-workbook-syd-field_medium

Thanks Syd Field

screenwriters-problem-solver-syd-field_medium screenwriters-workbook-syd-field-paperback-cover-art The Cinema Book

Hollywood’s Homophobia Is Even Worse than You Think …


Jul 22, 2014 – With The Normal Heart dominating the Emmy nominations and Dallas Buyers Club cleaning up at the Oscars, Hollywood is promoting a …

Hundreds gather in West Hollywood for Transgender Day of …

Nov 21, 2015 – Hundreds gathered in West Hollywood on Friday night to participate in Transgender Day of Remembrance and to protest violence against …

Nina and wifNina and The Elements of Grammar

Scripts: from inspiration to final draft

Nina and The Elements of EditingNina and The Elements of Style

Book Review: Blake Synder’s Cat Screenplay Series

  They are an essential set of books, for for me, had ramifications far beyond merely putting a story together. The logical and essential roll up conclusion to the Syd Field Method. Dion 1996 to 2011 RIP: Celine (1996-2013)

41HHiRRusVL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_  save-the-cat-3_medium savethecatmovies

Hollywood’s Ageism Is Most Obvious in One Kind of … – Mic


Nov 17, 2015 – With roles in high-profile films like Tomorrowland and Jurassic World, Judy Greer may have finally shaken off the “best friend in a rom-com” …

Nina & Lit IntroNina in classic 3 d glasses

They Are Coming! They Are Here! They!

entertainment reflects what the public is afraid of we are back to 1950 entertainment: alien invasions and end of the world shows and superheros/esp all over tv again – now that special effects cost dick all it’s all fight or … Continue reading

Nina geekworld gakbagNina and her moleskinesHollywood Sexism – Huffington Post

Amber Tamblyn Perfectly Captures Hollywood’s Absurd Sexism In This Poem. The Huffington Post … Jane Fonda Nails Why Hollywood Sexism Affects Everyone.

The Women of Hollywood Speak Out – The New York Times

Nov 20, 2015 – Female executives and filmmakers are ready to run studios and direct blockbuster pictures. What will it take to dismantle the pervasive sexism …

Nina Tryggvason Stienbeck editing 16 mm 2  Nina Tryggvason Stienbeck editing 16 mm

Editing and sound recording at film school, and spinning discs @ Simon Fraser U

Nina Tryggvason Sound MixerNina Tryggvason CJIV DJ at SImon Fraser 2  

Hollywood Racism – Huffington Post

America Ferrera and Eva Longoria taught Hollywood a valuable lesson at Sunday night’s … Gina Rodriguez: Hollywood ‘Isn’t About Racism, It’s About Money’.

Too often, Hollywood executives are so desperate to get a big name in their movies that they make racially insensitive decisions in the casting process.



Presley Pictures: Hick Elvis and other stereotypes

Hi Marty, It is really good of you to answer all our questions! When I read through some of the comments there is often reference to “crummy movie songs” , I own every song Elvis ever recorded on vinyl , … Continue reading



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