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The Beatles: Paul John Pete and George: they played many covers of rock and roll songs and were influenced by Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Carl Perkins and of course Elvis.9c1f4eed8ea0c7811d2f6ac2e865d887

The Beatles:…

They were all Elvis fans, Teddy Boys, they were all called. Paul, John, George, Pete and Stu. Stu died – I’ve read brain tumor, stage fall and beaten up by Teddy Boys. Was it cuteness or something else? the 4 … Continue reading

Elvis_shirt_beatles1xringo-starr-9picture-1072-1381876342 young-beatles-in-1957

Music is not a physical product

The Beatles are going to allow their catalog to be streamed. Meanwhile, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift and with her new album “25” Adele are hold outs (Adele’s 19 and 21 are streamable) This is somehow a mark of musicianship, keeping … Continue reading

The Beatles, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, have their hair combed by stylists on the set of their first movie production, "A Hard Day's Night," at Twickenham Film Studios in Middlesex, outside London, England, on March 12, 1964. The hair stylists, who have parts in the film, are, from left, Patti Boyd, 19, Tina Williams, 17, Pru Bury, 22, and Susan Whitman, 17.The BeatlesBIO_Bio-Shorts_0_Ringo-Starr_SF_HD_768x432-16x940


The UK-OFF: The Beatles Blowback 80s edition

Big Country – Scotland Duran Duran – England U2 – Ireland vote now!

presely beatles summit elvis-beatles-1965


The Beatles Blow Back: Bee Gees

The Brothers Gibb were The Down Under Beatles.

The Beatles Yestday and TodayPaul-Is-Dead

Godworld: Jesus vs Elvis Presley

Religion vs Rock n Roll. Grammar counts and the misunderstanding of John Lennon’s words caused a destruction of Beatles records that make collectors cry.   Bible scholar says Jesus is son of false god – that Elvis Presley was the … Continue reading

keep-calm-paul-mccartney-is-not-dead-2220px-GreatHoaxlennon - goldmanThe_Beatles_-_Butcher_Cover 1968-Beatles-yogi-new-610

The Beatles vs Jesus and India

 “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that; I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now. I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity. Jesus … Continue reading

Beatle-burning 196621964beatlesandmuhammedali elvisabbey1

Elvis is Alive but Paul is Dead?

To me, the funniest thing about a celeb “faking their death” or “dying and being replaced” is this idea that “clues” would be left to re-assure or to clue in the true fans. Paul is dead – Wikipedia, the free … Continue reading

article-2045830-0E3E7F5700000578-957_233x423 060130-noelvisfixedlargegreathoax 101386-beatles_rock_band6

The Band Brand Marketing

The Beatles were not the first group, but they did to Bands what Elvis did to Singers. The Beatles, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, have their hair combed by stylists on the set of their first … Continue reading

George with Scotty Moorepaul-dj-scotty0a243dde-3d43-4f4e-8de0-7443751819f2ysposjpthe-beatles-help-movie-posterMPW-11339

Hey Hey We’re the Boy Bands

Cute Boys are marketed to Girls; while Ugly Guys are markets to Boys Boys listen to music and Girls listen to Pop Pap But Boys who look that cute, as to straddle that genderized line; Sorry Girls; Guys who Look … Continue reading

C4F20FA5-31D5-4FD2-8D90-987D740D190Da-hard-days-night-poster1Cartoon beatlesPete-Best-says-Hamburg-got-Beatles-ready-to-rockbeatles-in-hamburg-jenjen_bunny-30761359-2560-1516Beatles

MusicWorld: Bubble Gum Teen Idols

Before Elvis, no one had heard of being a rock star; then, everyone wanted to be one. Copied Elvis’ stagewear – everyone wore jumpsuits in the 70s and bellbottoms David Cassidy and Shaun Cassidy with Parker Stevens Leif Garrett and … Continue reading

Beatles Hamburg


Music: Authentic vs Manufactured

Somehow Duran Duran vs Spandu Ballet lacks the passion of Elvis v The Beatles or even The Beatles vs The Monkees eh? “Duran Duran Vs Spandau Ballet” in 2015 – the dimensions of rivalry | Radio Creme Brulee In 2015, … Continue reading

tumblr_static_the-beatles-pictureThe Beatles during the filming of 'A Hard Day's Night' with L-R Patti Boyd, Tina Williams, Pru BuryThe-Beatles1965_elvis_meets_the_beatlesBeatlesElvis1Beatle_Stones

When The Beatles met Elvis

Give us this day – August 25 – Our Daily Elvis It is really too bad that Elvis didn’t allow any of the visit to be photographed or recorded – from the general conversation between them, to any jamming they … Continue reading


80s Music: The Second British New Age Wave

somehow it lacks the passion of Elvis v The Beatles or even the intensity  of The Beatles vs The Monkees eh? “Duran Duran Vs Spandau Ballet” in 2015 – the dimensions of rivalry | Radio Creme Brulee In 2015, both … Continue reading


Elvis Fandemonium vs BeatleMania

Elvis Presley caught the media by surprise; as much as their coverage was about their coverage – media was in it’s infancy and trying to find it’s place in between the family radio and the family outing to the movie … Continue reading

Mojo PartyMojo GOld

MusicWorld: Sinatra vs Lennon

  The kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr – who survived and continue to entertain today – noteably on Family Guy as himself – resulted in the American legal concept of criminals not being able to further profit from their crimes … Continue reading

The BeatlesThe 4 Elvises



The Rock Star Game or Gaming with Rock Stars?

efore Elvis Presley, no one had heard of being a Rock Star. Now everyone wants to be one or a band of them, eh? Imagine that, Yoko Ono nails Stephen Harper on copyright ……/imagine_that_yoko_ono_nails_stephen_harper_on… They got one thing very … Continue reading

1f6fd75361e4374bc3dd681ed417ef5356aa0062dd81d223_beatles-rock-band-box20121124-145340largeJohn Lennon and ElvisElvis_Beatles2

Musicworld: The evolution of Boy Bands

First, there was the 4 elvises aka         The Beatles a smart one, a cute one, a serious one and Ringo.   Then, there was across the pond, a response hey hey we’re the monkees     … Continue reading

beatles leaving Elvisthe-fifth-beatle-brian-epstein-story-writer-elaine-mcafee-bender-002

Lucy in the sky with diamonds nowhere man 1 nowhere man 2 Paul

Beatleverse: 50 years ago today – Empire Stadium Rocked

My Mom and Auntie Diane were at this concert, my Aunt Gloria missed it. You can listen to The Beatles Vancouver 1964 concert here:     see also: Red Robinson  Save the Red Robinson Theatre Who is King DJ? Beatles Influence The UK-OFF: The … Continue reading

song inserts Help Small Paul sacrifice ring

Help cruelty charts Posh bird

The Last Temptation of Elvis

The Last Temptation of Elvis was a UK album of Elvis cover tunes the only actual Elvis track on it was King of the Whole Wide World rare vinyl common Cd Collecting is reduced to mere shopping heavy sigh … Continue reading

Lennon Yoko Trudeau A Hard Day's Night

Movie Review: Yellow Submarine

With the recent addition of Betty Harper on the Elvis and Artist blogroll, I decided to go through my old sketchbook from the 1990s, when I first starting drawing after school years dampened that enthusiasm .   I wasn’t able … Continue reading

UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 08: Photo of BEATLES and Brian EPSTEIN; L-R. Brian Epstein, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney arriving back at Heathrow from their Far East Tour ending in Manila (Photo by Cummings Archives/Redferns)brian and john

Yoko in Canada 1Canada rock n slide

Movie Review: Help

I had seen this movie once before as a kid with my Mom on a tv afternoon matinee. All I remembered was that there was a plot against Ringo, my fave and Paul got shrunk and had to wear a … Continue reading

The Beatles Let IT BeA hard Day's Night Movie Poster The Beatles Mop TopsThe Beatles as Teddy Boys

MusicWorld: Is this Kanye West’s Milli Vanille Moment?

The first time I ever heard of Kanye West was when he said he would be bigger than Elvis. He actually demonstrates why there will never be another Elvis. John Lennon famously said that before Elvis, there was nothing. John … Continue reading

THanks KanyeKanye v McCartney 1Lennon Ono and Trudeau war is over Imagine no gun deathsThe Beatles

Of Cats and Curiosity

Watching the Unimatrix Borg 2 parter yesterday was over intense for me. I decided to take a Star Trek break and do a Beatles Movie Marathon. Something light and fluffy and even though a Hard Day’s Night was from 1964, … Continue reading

Beatles Vancovuer 1964The Last Temptation of Elvis

beatle talk front beatle talk back REd and The BeatlesGrace by Nina Tryggvason

sadly never happened

Beatles Live Aid Reunion

Rock n Royality

I get the older sibling grudge match between Elvis and Beatles fans. but I just don’t see comparing the one source guy to a group of 4 followers. The more interesting comparison to me was The Beatles vs The Rolling … Continue reading

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