Star Gazing Technology

Geometry math and navigation: discovering the world is round and circles the sun.

The stars were what we watched before television, if you knew how to read them, you could tell stories and find your way around.

Star Gazing and pondering, Star Gazing and document night after night movements to figure out placements – observation of the eye, then by the telescope.

Our orbital positions – the equinox and solstice – marking the turning of seasons and the civilization social-ritual calendars.

Data accumulation , pattern analysis towards prediction testing: the science method of human endeavors towards understanding our world and our place in it, which, unlike other species, we have the ability to plan beyond a single lifetime. generations according to a cultural practice?

humans are able to self direct, individually and as groups

5 planets visible at once for 1st time in a decade



Work, Clothing and Customs

We act like work now is on par with work then. Doing Laundry doesn’t mean dragging down to the river and rinse, beat on rock and repeat. Dump in machine, add soap, push button. Change Machine, button and it’s dry. … Continue reading


Earth: Civilization Maps – Cartography

Geology is about documenting the landscape we see and how that is connected with earlier ones. It is about the features of the land, height, depth and breathtaking breadth. Mapping populations is more fluid – patterns of movements, migration, defining … Continue reading


The World of Religion

  The thing that bothers me about these kind of break out maps is that Jews, Christians and Muslims are actually the same religion: The Abrahamic Trilogy. Worse, these charts often separate Catholic from Christian. This is part of why … Continue reading


Civilization 1.0: Ice Aged

  Graham Hancock is an admitted outlier in archaeology, because he is an outsider trying to tell studies and working professionals they are wrong, while he sells many many books to the public. He is a sociologist by education and … Continue reading


Megaliths to Monuments

Megaliths build with stone, bone and muscle organized by leaders with influence and inspiration for people to come together in common cause at equinoxes and soltices, the human year shifting from animal migration to harvesting crop rotations and cultivation of … Continue reading

The Communication Arts: Hieroglyphs to Heraldry

Symbolic Communication forms; From Professionals to For The Public Cuniform, the first portable writing system, from inventory and governance Propaganda, current events of historic importance and our divine selves write wall large The Ancients Peaked with Rome, who imported Greek … Continue reading


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