Happy 90th Birthday TV

The techno-opiate of the masses and the only thing people have in common anymore.


Families in TV Commercials

On Television, we see representations of our culture – and nowhere moreso than tv commercials. 2015 – Tylenol just can a commercial with Divorced parents on custody weekend. Dad getting Daughter dropped by Mom at the door. It’s really only … Continue reading


Science Girl TV Shows: needs to be more

Besides “rankin and bass” no other production  company was as fun as Sid and Marty Croft. Nelvanamation in Canada too, eh? From Saturday morning adventures to lunch for the week! Most shows are boy adventurers or male hero/heels (the redeemable … Continue reading


Mythbusters vs Bullshit: real tv

Penn and Teller are usually a magic illusionists act, so naturally, they are skeptics and do a lot of debunking. On their series Bullshit they debunked a lot about the modern world and American culture. To be fair, they even … Continue reading

Q-TV: The L Metrosexual Queer as Word Folks

Queer as Folk – I saw this astonishing UK BBC series one and two at the Pacific Cinematheque – it was European Television at an arthouse screening in Canada. It was mouth dropping. Then came the Americanization, filmed in Canada: … Continue reading

TV Genre: In and Around The Law

From the PO-lice to the Private Eyes, even Process Servers – but mostly – mostly – it’s Cops and Lawyers. Judges and Government levels of investigations.. into……musical and vampire cops .. and CSI effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSI_effectContinue reading

TV Genre: The Medical Proceedureal

From Ambulance or Fire/Ambulance – Inner City Clinic – most medical shows are set in a doctor’s practice, The Hospital or maybe the doctor’s office. I thought it was weird that this Dr Marcus Welby did house calls to check … Continue reading

TV Concept: Gladiator a go go

Everyone who is unwilling to work and play well with others are placed in turn into an arena were combat is underway, weapons are scattered and sometimes need assembly or lifted from other bodies. We have cameras in all areas, … Continue reading

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