Missing Women

Where women are missing is China and India – both of those populations exceed a billion people, and they have both skewed their population ratios to have more males than females through the cultural practice of infanticide of female offspring.

Sons are made for your family, while daughters are passed to someone else’s. Interestingly, women who have a male first offspring have a lower rate of heart attacks than women who have daughters first or only daughters. So ingrained and high the social stress and kinda.. almost… says it all, eh?

The social value of a male vs a female varies widely culture to culture and it is one of the things that sets homo sapiens apart from all other species – where the females are more value than the expendable males. It depends a bit on whether offspring by raised by the parent unit or by the mother or if the young are a secured egg clutch.

Where there have been noted 2 females or 2 males of a species raising a child, the animal offspring don’t flourish as much from 2 parents in the same role as much as 2 parents in different roles – but again, this is something where homo sapiens have choice of actions: free will, to behave in accordance with personality rather than socialized gender roles- and outside of so called instinctual biologically driven behaviors.

As we know from livestock, for a healthy breeding population, you don’t need as many males as females and really, there’s not much advantage for women to only have 1 father, but several to maximize her own genetic success – however, the global population needs to be considered and the idea of a 1 child policy be re-addressed.

1 child per male and he gets a vasectomy afterwards, I think it would ensure that males would be more kindly towards women and more involved with offspring when they know they get 1. Anyway, that’s a concept in process. Medically easier to sterilize males than females.


In Canada, the phrase “missing women” has a resonance for murdered indigenous women – females who were born, registered and had a life of some sort to a point, where they are now missing and presumed murdered.


There is going to be a government and public inquiry to identify all the causes we know already, the solutions we know already and delay any actual addressing of issues.

Social-Economic and Criminal Statistics exist, Analysis exists, and often even policy and procedures are already in place to deal with matters as they arise – and the primary non-profit sector trying to address the systemic reasons, when systems are not self correcting – they are self sustaining .

Lack of community infrastructure (something to do, see and to learn, enjoy and work within) and connectivity to other communities – road, rail, river and The Internet/Mass Media.

Generational Abuse cycles and Social Discrimination leading to social and economic marginalization and vulnerability.

So, we start to address this issue of women who are pressed into the sex industry, preyed upon by serial killers who generalize but also those that specialize victim type – runaways and throwaways.

Immediately there is a call to widen and broaden – more men have been murdered than women.

Both men and women are most likely to be murdered, raped or assaulted by a man.

Humanism trumping feminism is another way to erase women.

When the issue of incest within families or by Public Trustee Figures (Priests and Teachers and Sport Coaches) is raised, where females are the majority of victims, the outcry is about the boys who are molested by men but are lucky when by women.

so.. are we dealing with missing women or victimized women or are we dealing with everything?

Sympathetic Bureaucracy, part or parcel, one and the same – repeating the process or adding a new layer – more of the same,eh?


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