How Do You Use News?

All the news that’s fit to print! News you can use. Really? most news is really not relevant on a daily basis and we are overwhelmed with information. Paralyzed by analyses…

2 houses explode after 7.1-magnitude earthquake hits Alaska

It it bleeds it leads! Explosion! Disaster! Blood n Gore!

One dead, four hurt in shootings

Filtering, focusing, Contexting and Contextualizaing, relativity and relevance

ISIS threatens UK in new propaganda video featuring Paris attackers’ ‘final messages’

Airports reopen as US East Coast digs out from record blizzard

Analyzing Content Identifying – ooo that looks like a Candian headline: cancon!

Avalanche kills snowmobiler in BC amid sweeping warning

Backcountry fun and games – this is why Search and Rescue – professional coast guard needs to have a back country Search and Rescue – as part and parcel with anti-poacher and other criminal from private individual to private organized crime in animal parts for “traditional alternative and complimentary to medicine” tradecopymarkedrights to drop points for human trafficking or other contraband. To help with lost person off trail and body recovery from misadventures or drop sites.

You only get universal health care if you can get to the hospital or in a pick up zone, eh.

China Deepens Its Footprint in Iran After Lifting of Sanctions

Centre-right candidate wins Portugal presidential vote outright

Base policies on reality, not deceit


the world spins on it’s orbit and nations swirl on a spectrum

Five things to know about Zika

battle monsters, loose to bugs, eh

Zebra stripes not camouflage, University of Calgary study finds



zebras proving nothing is ever

[(black or white) or (black and white)]


[(white or black) or (white and black)]








really, if we see only the shades not colours, it means they are really rainbows,  because that’s the colours they keep and not the bits they reflect back.




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