5 generations of oldest daughters

It is one of my earliest sets of memories – going to Saskatchewan for a wedding.

I was 2 and a half – I knew my Mom and Grandma – they are standing in the back row, but it was this Great-Grandma and her mother that I was going to meet.

We went to Great-Grandmother’s house first and picked her up.

My Great-Grandmother is holding me, something she did every chance she got, I was the first one for her, so that made me special. My younger sister was in the second photo taken – this one was of all the Eldest Daughters of their generations.

We drove to Great-Great-Grandmother’s house. She was in bed, and I remember running down the hall to peek at her and then running back to where the chairs were being set out.

Great-Grandmother wanted to sit and made me sit in her lap, something I didn’t like to do, but she was old, so I had to let her have her way.

It took forever for that Great-Great-Grandmother to walk down the hall, I think I could have done it twice, maybe three times in the time it took her.

That was the photo in the paper, the second photo, our Great-Great-Grandmother has my sister in her lap. The actual photos are in colour, it was 1970 – but newspapers were and are mostly still, black and white – benday dots. the reproductive arts is a science technology.

G-G-Grandmother: Mrs Rose Beeluk lived to 102, and died when I was 12.

G-Grandmother: Mrs Pauline Semchuck lived to almost 100, dying in 1997. Women were commonly identified as Mrs Man if their husbands were alive and became their first name again when widowed, but bearing his family name. She married Paul Semchuck, who died when I was in my teens, in the 1980s.

Grandmother Jean Bailuk died in 1995 at 70 owing to injuries sustained in a car accident.

My Great-Grandmother Pauline was born in Canada in Saskatchewan, where many Ukrainians settled it was similar to the Ukraine/Russia prairies.

In the post about passing on trauma, family histories are passed down orally, within families and depending on what the family does, becomes Saga and wider legends.

During the World Wars in Europe, in Canada, some Ukrainians maintained their bitterness of Russia and ended up celebrating when the Germans defeated them.

It didn’t seem to occur to them that Canada was allied with Russia, so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise to be contained, detained, encamped, concentrated into reserved areas to be watched over, rather than have to police an unconstrained community.

It was not a good tool in terms of ethics, but it was an efficient one – first invented by the Dutch in South Africa, put into administrative practice in Canada, and then replicated ad hoc until the practice fell out of use with the advent of the Compensation for Historic Wrongs compensation legal industry evolved from the general issuing of rights and now managing freedoms.

The ideas of criminal law and civil law forming a grey area of criminal compensation: and systemic discrimination is certainly a crime against demographics of humanity.

Women got to vote, slaves got to be free, but that was seen to be the end of it. Well, until the votes counted and were cast for mattering matters: social equality, welfare, poverty reduction and universal education and health care.

Pursuing Happyness means little without health or wealth to accomplish it.

in 2015, in Canada and the USA, we know that that is $75,000 per year. All you can eat, satiated; when any more is just discontent, but less than $50,000 is a struggle and $30,000 is the new poverty line.

So there became: Affirmative Action and Employment Equity for Government to create a high standard and have others follow and diversity, instead, people predictably encamped and self-ghettoized where they had the majority and learned to work and play well, discovering new ideas, foods and hey, we’re all basically the same.

So apparently, the only thing people really understand when something was bad is when they have to pay out of pocket for it, because jail is not a deterrent, and in some aspects is better than many other possibilities of street free range living.

It’s been about a decade since marriage equality was attained in Canada.

It’s time to talk about compensation for the systemic and social discrimination that gays and lesbians and transgendered and to some part bisexuals who can disappear without penalty into mainstream heterosexuality.

to be honest, one of the reasons I did not have a child was because of the heterosexuals all bragging about how their children would torment mine.

a world safe for anyone to have a child in, but no one forced to have or not have one

but we do need more people not having them, if there’s gonna be a world for anything to have offspring in.


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