Religion’s Poetry: Pseudo-Profundities

2016-01-13 Jesus and Mo

The Quickest Path is through the Mud.

I am/was a fan of the Jesus and Mo cartoon, but not the male cartoonist behind it.

I do not know who he is, but how I know the cartoonist is a man arose from my experience on the official site.

Other fans started referring to me as the Barmaid and my comments were often deleted.

One comment in particular “Boobs are bigger than balls”; which I later memed with Hillary Clinton, USA vs the leader of some slavic-stan balkan state which was about to do a mass sterilization of women.

Hilary Meme 2 Hilary Meme 1Hilary Meme 3

Anyway, I was disappointed that the cartoonist was merely giving The Barmaid his own guy rebuttals to other guys and really isn’t a feminist pro-woman man who can do real women’s dialog.

So while I no longer visit that site, “Jesus and Mo” is an important webtoon in Atheist, Free Thinker, Skeptic, Academic and Atheist circles because it is just that funny and spot on otherwise.

It is one of those things, too good to be ignored, and this particular 4 panels was easier to show than re-explain some other less interesting way – and also to demonstrate indirect story telling communition – and cognition for humans and the limits of artificial intelligences, turing testing godbot/glandbot binary and manic emotion thinking can’t parse. Understand, comprehend, Grok.

The Qualitative Arts vs the Quantitative Science, eh.

Nina and The Zen MastersNina and her microscope

The body is the wisdom tree,

the mind like a bright mirror stand

Always strive to wipe it clean

making sure that no dust lands

– Shenxiu


Wisdom has never been a tree,

And the bright mirror has no stand;

There has never been anything,

So whereupon can the dust land?

– Huineng


Wisdom is the exceeded grasp

the mirror mind dimmed from bright

if there has been no things

then there is no dust to settle

– nina (2011)

Wisdom is the expended breath

the mirror mind cleared of fog

Things that stand upon a stand

Particulates, the dust will settle

-nina 2015

Nina with Handwashing posterNina and Peg Bracken

Making Housework Harder

Now, making housework harder is just something that folks like us are not inclined to do – so imagine my surprise when I came across webpages with downloads for house cleaning checklists!

As if housework isn’t bad enough without adding paperwork.

I just can’t imagine a scarier combination of two independent and already unpleasant things.

So, instead of worrying about what to do, what order to do it in – the clean smart not hard crowd can take a leaf from the world of Search and Rescue.

Yes, a practice from hard working risk taking search and rescue.

This doesn’t mean you have to get a snorkel and wetsuit – unless you’ve really ignored that basement water problem for too long.

Nor do you really have to get all sweaty – it’s a simple idea – you just start where you stand.

Don’t worry about what’s worst – unless it’s smelling or leaking or trying to get away.

When the rare feeling of “need to clean” strikes you, just start cleaning where you are.

Take anything from the room you’re in that doesn’t belong there and move it to the room it does belong in.

Don’t want to move it? Then find a place where it visually works in the room. Or at least doesn’t impede traffic or stand out too much.

General clutter looks nicer in piles; where, if it sits for more than 3 months, just toss the whole pile – you clearly didn’t need anything in it.

It’s just the stuff that needs washing – like laundry or dishes – that you can’t leave everywhere; but, as long as all dirty dishes are in the kitchen and all dirty laundry is in a hamper or heap – you can contain the worst of the cleaning to small areas.

Don’t like dusting? Buy a can that of compressed air at your local computer store 0r computer section of a larger store. Use it to blow all the dust to the middle of the room, let it settle then vacuum or sweep the room once.

Heck, don’t even bother to focus on clutter – just toss or put stuff away once you’ve finished – and if that doesn’t work – just whenever you move from one room to another, take one thing with you from a room it doesn’t belong to the room it does.

The only thing that stands in the way of what we want is standards.

You can lower your stress by lowering your standard to the point where they are basically already met – that way, anything above that is a bonus extra.

You do need to keep your lowest standard above the level of health hazards though. There is a floor below which it’s not safe to go.

As long as your standards are not onerous or make you feel bad for failing to meet thing, then, life is a good enough thing.


Nina & Elizabethan readerNina and Elizabeth Barret Browning


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