Kings to Prime Ministers to Presidents

reality checkingProtective Legislation Be Gone

in most countries, one must be born to power or into a a ruling caste

Olympic traditionsRussian Leader Stacking doll

the idea of electing and choosing one’s leaders is relatively new in that non-landowners gets to vote. actually, in many countries, everyone gets to vote  and it’s about how the votes are counted.

Whether it’s attandance with numbered ballots and not voting for the correct single name on the ballot gets you jailed or executed or ballots cast in a First Past Post (rule by organized mob) or a more complex formula for proportional representation – non compulsory privileged encoded in law as a right, thus apathy and low turn out – also varies according to if votes are counted as votes or in voter pools with an electoral college casting actual votes informed by the aggregate.

Royal Families of Europe I hear BanjosNina and Elenor Roosevelt

Nina and RussiansBoris to Peter

We have tired many ways to live together and the basics for any city holds true of a nation of them – Infrastructure, water/sewage management, food distribution and city zoning for use – agriculture, manufacturing production, markets and living areas – secure from warring invaders but open to traders – safety between cities – travel security for goods and persons.

Nina Tryggvason anthropology quote

Megaliths to Monuments

Megaliths build with stone, bone and muscle organized by leaders with influence and inspiration for people to come together in common cause at equinoxes and soltices, the human year shifting from animal migration to harvesting crop rotations and cultivation of … Continue reading

bush kissing saudi prince Harper at Cirilo funeral

Government: Census and Censorship

Tory caucus meets today for 1st time since election loss What went wrong conservatives? Canadians are into fairness and we tend towards reality. Usually, Canadian Conservatives remained left of American Democrats. it wasn’t that Canadians voted for conservatives, that 30% … Continue reading

Prince Parasitecanada peacekeeping 62

Canada rock n slidehe wasn't too young. he was catholic......I'd rather the problems be solved by his son, than wait for Harper's granddaughter... unborn right?

Understanding Government Data: ‘Sensitive’ vs. ‘classified’

rock with the reagansWords and Meaning

debt economicsHarper vs Obama

20131007_mdv_05_1040x585Clinton says 3 strikes was out of line



Elvisworld: From Government Projects to the Big Man House

Give us this day – August 11 – our Daily Elvis 55 – Elvis Performed in Longview, Texas. 56 – Elvis Performed  Florida Theater, Jacksonville, Florida at 3.30, 7.00 and 9.00 p.m. 58 – Elvis returned to Basic Training in … Continue reading

reagan_gorbachev_02Prime Minister Stephen Harper shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Russia, Saturday Sept 8, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

44768950 image


Responsibility: The Government’s, The Company’s Or The Consumer’s?

The Disclaimer/Warning Label Culture meets Personal Accountability Mom wants tougher fireworks laws after son sets off explosive on his head, dies Days after her son was killed instantly after setting off a firework on top of his head, a Maine … Continue reading

pierre-and-justin-trudeau-47-years-apartThe then US and Russian presidents, Bill Clinton, left, and Boris Yeltsin, right, with Canadian premier Brian Mulroney in 1993. Picture: GettyCanada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama (R) talk before a working session of a G7 summit at the hotel castle Elmau in Kruen, Germany, June 8, 2015. Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) industrial nations vowed at a summit in the Bavarian Alps on Sunday to keep sanctions against Russia in place until President Vladimir Putin and Moscow-backed separatists fully implement the terms of a peace deal for Ukraine. REUTERS/Michael Kappeler/PoolCanadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, left, greets President George W. Bush during their meeting in Quebec City, Canada, Friday, April 20, 2001. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker is seen here with U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Ottawa in 1961. (CP PHOTOS)Trudeau+with+Nixon

Memo to Governments: You all need to Science.

Under pressure, Japan’s zoos abandon buying dolphins from grisly Taiji hunt Hunt was featured in the Oscar-winning 2009 film The Cove. : B.C.’s Wolf Cull Is Unscientific, Unethical and Unwarranted This wolf cull is a consequence of industrial logging … Continue reading



dali lama monk lifethe-only-time_o_1366801

is the BC Government trying to get us drunk?

B.C.’s government liquor stores will soon be allowed to open on Sundays, the government announced Wednesday. The extended hours for 196 stores begin April 1, 2015. Liquor will be sold in B.C. grocery stores starting April 1, 2015 Attorney General … Continue reading


Easter Hitler2qvgwtc

The Government and The Tryggvasons

What’s he smoking? Crack! Rob Ford: “Yes, One Day I Do Want To Run For Prime Minister” > First peek at tomorrow’s Toronto Star editorial comic: shared via Meanwhile in Canada -D The facebook inspiration for the below post: Now … Continue reading



9b3476dd7aa6a3af47d16968fbc682b6Trudeau and Queen

It’s all fun until someone Hitlers

The Internet is a social creature and when you interact with usernames you don’t see the people. Online, everyone is an expert opinionist, but rarely actually subject matter experts, and they don’t realize how dumb they seem, especially when they … Continue reading


ElvisWorld: The Lost Weekend with Tricky Dick

Because truth is stranger than fiction. Priscilla and Vernon double teamed Elvis about his spending habits. Frustrated, Elvis ran away from home. To Washington. Somehow, without having any money or credit cards and carrying guns. Elvis got on a plane, … Continue reading

en-06 elvis-nixon-white-house

Trudeau and Fidel Castro, arrival in Havana 1976 mandatory credit: photo by Rod MacIvor/Ottawa Ottawa Citizen use only. : Trudeau: Photos by Rod MacIvor Ottawa Citizen use only. :Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien(R) and Cuban leader Fidel Castro(L) wave to reporters 28 April at Havana's Jose Marti Airport during a farewell ceremony for Chretien who returned to Canada following a three-day official visit to Cuba. Chretien called for the release of four prisoners detained without trial. AFP PHOTO/Adalberto ROQUE

nixon_and_trudeau_2.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoElvis and Jimmy Carter

Concept Communication via Pictoglyphs

words vs observables towards comprehension cognition How Civilizations Rise and Fall: On their Paperwork We do know who built the pyramids, the government scribes kept payroll records. Egypt, Rome and Greece are the best understood of the ancient world because they … Continue reading

Elvis and Bush53381318

The Lessons of Russian Foxes

      Basically, within one human generation we can transform society. It did not take many generations for the foxes to start physically changing size, colour, brain size and ear/tail cuteness.   For early humans to have animal companions … Continue reading


Dear Denmark and Russia: you can suck it

The North Pole is on CANADA’s continental shelf. Territorial claims in the Arctic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Arctic consists of land, territorial waters and international waters. All land and territorial waters in the Arctic belong to one of … Continue reading


Memo: Silencing White Men









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