Elvis from the waist up

Give us this January 6 our daily Elvis


Elvis performed at the Fair Park, Lubbock, Texas. Probably Elvis recorded his version of Fool Fool Fool and Shake Rattle and Roll today at the local radio station KDAV as promotion for the evening’s show.


Elvis performed at the High School, Randolph, Mississippi.

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Elvis had his final and only censored tv appearance on Ed Sullivan – shown from the waist up. Given that Elvis had already been seen head to toe 6 times on the Dorsey Brothers, twice on Berle and once on Steve Allen – although made to stand still – the decision was made to only show Elvis waist up this time – and it became industry legend.

Which is probably why more than morality and likely moreso than Elvis stuffing his pants. Allegedly. The making of myths and legends.

Elvis sang “Peace in the Valley” the only time a religious song was performed on the Sullivan variety program.


Wild In The Country’ sast and crew presented him with a plaque saying “Happy Birthday, King Karate.”

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The barn behind Graceland was renovated to accommodate the many new horses. Soon it would be named: the House of the Rising Sun.


Elvis met with Felton Jarvis at Graceland.There was the suggestion to use Chips Moman’s American Studio at 827 Thomas Street in Memphis, since George Klein, Marty Lacker and Red West had connections there. Elvis liked the idea of recording a few miles from home, the decision was made.



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First Appearance : The Ed Sullivan Show : September 9, 1956

The Ed Sullivan Show : October 28, 1956

The Ed Sullivan Show : January 6, 1957 : His third and final Appearance

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