Ages of civ vs civs


Map of the world showing approximate centers of origin of agriculture and its spread in prehistory: the Fertile Crescent (11,000 BP), the Yangtze and Yellow River basins (9000 BP) and the New Guinea Highlands (9000–6000 BP), Central Mexico (5000–4000 BP), Northern South America (5000–4000 BP), sub-Saharan Africa (5000–4000 BP, exact location unknown), eastern USA (4000–3000 BP). Source:


The hominids begat homos who begat Homo Sapiens as the Greatest Ape Walking Upright.

Eventually, we migrated out, seeking some space, we gathered in fertile regions, figured out different ways to leverage resources into tradeable surplus – largely through artisan and master craftsmenship.


Culture is such a quaint provincial concept, n’est pas?

(gallic shrug) either way, live and let live, viva la difference, eh!

Eygpt PositionedBronze_Age_Collapse

Everyone thought they were the only ones, besides their neighbors and the ones that they had and so on, until we circumnavigated and everyone was once again, contactable.



Further information: Prehistory and Cradle of Civilization

The Neolithic Era

Settlers of Catan 1

The Bronze Age

Nina and CleoColonization_cover

The Iron Age

Nina and people still get diagnosed with Napoleon Complex or is he now too dated a reference?

Medieval to Early Modern


Modernity: The Global Industrial Age

AxisAndAlliesBox 0

we have to decide where to go from here.

In the last century the idea of Leagues of Nations gave way to the United Nations. The Highest court of all the lands that make up the earth; where the best of all the laws should be.

We are all on the earth and we don’t have equitable distribution of resources, and we expend too much of so called “productivity” in non-productive activities (religion and meaningless ritual).

In early civilizations a person got to lead because they were a point of gathered force, and often, granted the authority via manufactured cultural divinity.

The idea of an technology burst in one area creating a time epoch for the whole planet, the shift in tools from stone, bone and wood to metals to machines is a shift in how we do things and expands what we do.

It doesn’t change what we are – comfort and security seeking pack and prides that have overpopulated into massive herds that are now at swarm species levels.

Over pooping and not distributing the nutrients, creating desertification on land and on the oceans – the Pacific Garbage Patch, Agricultural and Industrial run off and City Sewages.

Lost Giant Poop Disrupts Whole Planet

vast quantities of food and, yes, deposited vast quantities of poop. A new study shows … of animals that carry nutrients from ocean depths to deep inland — through their poop, urine, and, upon … quantities of food and, yes, deposited vast quantities of poop. Archaeology …





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