Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you: Language and Identity

I love the title of this post so much that I am actually gonna read it before I reblog. LOL

queer space, where words mean what they suggest!…. I’ve been doing atheist blogging and dealing with godbots is totally otherworldly. atheists are the new queers.

🙂 hello from a Canadian lesbian!

Image credits: This Is Awkward via Creative Commons Image credits: This Is Awkward via Creative Commons

CN: discussion of “Queer” as a slur, mention of queerphobic abuse, mention of medicalisation & criminalisation of queerness, use of disablist term

Language is a powerful force that has undoubtedly shaped the development of humanity. It gives us in effect a certain kind of telepathy: the ability to read the thoughts of others and to project our thoughts into the minds of others. We do this by combining and producing strings of symbols with conventionalised meanings, and as a linguist I am driven to understand the form and structure of this human system. But as a queer person I am interested in how language helps us form and communicate identity, why this power is important and what its limitations are.

I am a gay man. If a speaker of English reads this, they will broadly understand what I intend by that string…

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