Science: The Earth Disciplines


Understanding begins

Do the mathverse Yugen yoo gehn

The Earth, understood by sciences, a method by which forces and phenomena are observed and described towards understanding, predicting and interaction consequences.

Physical Geography Fold Mountains glaciers hydrotrade winds earth magnetism

Vikings vs Volcano: 1973

1973: Iceland – a fissure opens up and magma and ash force an evacuation on the fishing vessels – and Iceland gains new land. However, the valuable natural harbour is about to be closed in by the magma flows. A … Continue reading


glacierbay 2011 Nina Tryggvason

Tsunami2 HurricaneResistantHomeDesignFeatures

Iceland Volcanos Iceland Volcano Aftermath


Volcanoes a personal interest story

Mount Saint Helen’s waking up to ash several hours away in Canada was astonishing. I don’t remember feeling any of the related quakes because I was sleeping. Whenever I have been awake. I have always been able to sense the … Continue reading

porus horus Geyser goodness volacano blast zone 5hurricane water currents mantle convection shallow water waves Glaciated

Energy Security: Horse n Water

ICELAND: Sprengisandur is an ancient, unpaved 125 mile-long road – awindswept pass, whose name derives from sprengya, the Icelandic verb for riding a horse to its death, was one of the routes by which residents made the long trek to … Continue reading

life brewing rock stewing air blowing slinky water Hydro cycles earth structure global plate tech basic volcano super volcano ash cloud over Iceland

Climate Changed: Hurricane Patricia

the biggest storm since record keeping began is making landfall in Mexico. The airports and roads have been closed after the tourists left.. most of them, apparently there’s some 2,000 Canadians (canada content to justify talking about a story from … Continue reading

Iceland Mid Plateboundaries bubble plasma the one percent own halfreligion vs sciencesaid and heard3pyvo8

Fracking-induced earthquakes could leave workers vulnerable, says geophysicist

Canada Labour Code Part 2 allows workers to refuse work that is dangerous and deadly when it is not an anticipated condition of employment (military, police, fire, ambulance… that first strike to first responder groups – Search and rescue is … Continue reading

Great illustration of how stereotyping works from cartoonist Randall Munroe of xkcd. For stories of both real-life and fictional girls and women confronting gender discrimination and prejudice, visit our "Gender Discrimination" section at For books for children and teens about girls and women who love math and science, visit our STEM book section at To see more from xkcd, the popular webcomic of "romance, sarcasm, math, and language," which is recommended for adult readers, visit And, since xkcd cartoons are often technical, there's even an explanation site to discuss the concepts within them -- here's the page for this one:

Great illustration of how stereotyping works from cartoonist Randall Munroe of xkcd.
For stories of both real-life and fictional girls and women confronting gender discrimination and prejudice, visit our “Gender Discrimination” section at
For books for children and teens about girls and women who love math and science, visit our STEM book section at
To see more from xkcd, the popular webcomic of “romance, sarcasm, math, and language,” which is recommended for adult readers, visit And, since xkcd cartoons are often technical, there’s even an explanation site to discuss the concepts within them — here’s the page for this one:

7 super volcano supervolcano Iceland hawai vesuvis volcano The Way to a better world

Pluto-map-hs-2010-06-a-faces reversing-earths-magnetic-field-in geomag-reversal geomagnetic-field-orig_full earth_crustal_pole_shift v42n2-mativey3en_5727 MagneticStriping continentaldrift


November Storm Winds, Canada, eh

It is too windy to go for a walk. Too windy for a drive actually. the trees are swaying and branches are creaking to resist flying off on their own. power lines will be downed, intersections blinking and traffic not … Continue reading

71FE5612-0EFC-462F-815F-E55CC94D88D8 you-are-here youarehere venereals giant-microbes  center-group

From Pi in QM to Mountains Microplated

ScienceWatch! I miss the “I fucking love Science” meme feed from facebook. Discovery Of Pi In Quantum Mechanics A ‘Cunning Piece Of Magic’ : Two University of Rochester scientists have found it lurking in a quantum mechanics formula for the … Continue reading

Nestle CEO water right quote The Periodic Table the original elements human centric Alchemy planets The Last 2 Million Years AL and AIsevere-weather-disaster-preparedness-L-ZFz2t7-175x130

fEB7ACr tumblr_memjd1CvFV1qfrov6o1_1280

Disaster Preparedness: Tsunami

Tsunami Science: Advances Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tragedy As the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami approaches on Dec. 26, greatly expanded networks of seismic monitors and ocean buoys are on alert for… What we need is … Continue reading

Schrodingers-Cat schrodingers-cat word dogversuscat banner-AlaskaCruise-20111 AlaskaCruise-ad-02  900280_mega_engineering Engineering-an-Empire-7pk-DVD-F TransitSignatureMu10D0C0C-1024x768-20150717103030.

The Atlantis Myth: The Power of Words

The ONLY story of Atlantis comes to us from Timaeus, a Socratic dialogue, written in about 360 BCE by Plato. It is the only reference until modern eras when people started looking for possible sites for a society that likely … Continue reading

tau-ceti-system1 Gliese vs Earth 970720-a548411e-30d7-11e5-bff5-c094c64ed430 exoplanets m8ucIbS kepler

Deny Delay and Discuss: Disasters and Catastrophic Evolution

Dear Governments: Putting Young Earth Creationists in charge of preparedness and environmental sciences is not okay. disaster weather is not related to what humans do with their genitals, and disasters are not “deserved” or caused by the fact that abortions … Continue reading

earth vs keplar 4039c0a2d6f932d8d21f60950c831453 m8ucIbS ku-xlarge features3 30_Voyager_Concept CarlSaganQuoteForMarczyk 1395139742124376

Preparedness: Emergency to Disaster then Recovery

I was a Girl Guide in the 1970s and I learned 2 things: Be Prepared How to Sell 1980 – Mount St. Helen’s, Washington, USA Volcanoes a personal interest story Waking up to ash several hours away in Canada was astonishing. … Continue reading

GalaxyClouds images astronomy_by_dummies_by_pavalo-d83iexw  tumblr_lvsvqaIEXN1qc1moio1_1280

ba761046f97d87e2108e4ef9900f5176 Science vs religion 800px-Global_Sea_Level_Rise_Risks


Digging It: Trowels Vs Texts

Archaeology Magazine Excavations at a Minoan city in eastern Crete are redefining the island’s Bronze Age history. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Legend of Atlantis and the Minoans – HistoryWiz Ancient History Could the island of Santorini be Atlantis? A refutation of … Continue reading

Ice creams are a key part of summer – and there's some chemistry in that cone too! More & larger image here:

Ice creams are a key part of summer – and there’s some chemistry in that cone too! More & larger image here:


rosalind-franklin rosalind-frankin RFranklinPage copy Projection_helice

The Wahm-bulance Files: James Watson

Undeserved Nobel Prize – he dilatanted his way through university and compiled work stolen from a French chemist who had realized the constant ratio between the 4 acids and Roseland Frankin – both of whom did the actual work. Her last … Continue reading

marie-curies-quotes-6 MarieCurie Currie on Nobel arrogantatheism Pascals-Wager-Reality-Thumper-Atheist-Podcast miracle


Women of Science Posts

AnthroWorld Shocker: Dian Fossey a Martyr I came across this Dian Fossey Documentary from National Geographic and was stunned by  the revelation that she planned her own death.   McGuire was charged and convicted in absentia. This man who worked for … Continue reading

The_parallax_method_of_measuring_a_star_s_distance_node_full_image 090330-ParallaxView 800px-TWW_parallax_scrolling_sample_1 Picture 1000 physical-differences-990 gorilla-chimp-human

Towards a Sustainable Planet

IF you use violence/threat of to make your point, you are using and causing terror. This is not freedom of speech – this is terrorism shutting down speech. I should have expected the police to have received multiple reports of … Continue reading

Stone throw - stanley park vancouver 1990s nina tryggvason


mars Mars water

Earth: scope and scale

2004 the December 26 tsunami made the earth wobble.   I said no way to the first person who told me, my brain could not fathom that   earth, as huge as it is, fixed in the solar system   … Continue reading

Invesible_Pink_Unicorn_by_BeautifullyChaotic Mind blown

Cosmic_Cloud-Solar_System-Milky_Way bt2lf0101_a c663c8fe3565ed0c7c21d0ae7d73406a xrCdZ9j

Gaia: Understanding Planet Management

        The Gaia Atlas of Planet Management was one of the textbooks that I still have from my college geology courses. In addition to geology, I took several anthropology courses – so when you consider the earth’s … Continue reading

image description fighting-for-science Fig-6sea_level_graph2 080306-sea-levels_big 800px-Global_Sea_Level_Rise_Risks 3591711 four-horsemen hitchens-razor meme-6-728 tabloid_elvisDaniel Horowitz for NPR

world_population_growth Religions_world_map

Planetary Mnemonics: The Pluto Postulation

Order of planets orbiting the Sun, mnemonic to remember…/mnemonic-device-to-remember-th… Mnemonic device how to remember the order of the planets orbiting the Sun. The first letter of each word gives you the first letter of the planets, in order: Mercury, … Continue reading

gt1f graph_countries_projection current-pop-jpeg 350px-World_population_(UN).svg


22912_front  5163312-Global-Pandemic-Set-of-pandemic-virus-icons-encircling-a-red-shiny-globe--Stock-Vector c663c8fe3565ed0c7c21d0ae7d73406a UYcQ6ty 424180_3062751481953_1058443099_2869683_1050347932_n dinaledi_cave4_FINAL.ngsversion.1440173941173

Science: Multi-Disiplanetary Big Light Show Bang Theory

Music of the Spheres, tune into my frequency wave; let there be light! Earth, our home, it’s magnetosphere, gravitional placement, spinning and orbiting in concert with our planetary siblings, in the grand orbital plane until there is light, there is … Continue reading

2403_0281_Displacement_Boden_sf_Morph-Kamera_Multi5_001_0372 dinaledi_locator.ngsversion.1440173453603 four-horsemen meme-6-728 hitchens-razor Why-People-Reject-Evolution-pie-chart-meme

Whole Particles

it is only from existence that we can ponder it if there is nothing. there’s nothing to talk about Higgs Boson Could Explain Matter’s Dominance over Antimatter A new theory suggests the Higgs field varied in the early universe, offering … Continue reading


golden_ratio_human_bodygoldennumbers1btextbookstextbooksbooksplate_colour_diagram225_tsunamiScreen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.08.48 PM71fH8UO4nFLscientists-clues-printconsensus_102497%_560x463




Climate and Changes

My High School Grade year is 1986.   In the 80s, the discussion was about Acid Rain, Nuclear Prolification and the overdue and pending Ice Age.   In geology 12, I wrote an essay that suggest that the greenhouse effect … Continue reading


GW_KittenSneezes450 sections-rc-graphic1 9781852336431 41Z4uoSrmvL._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_ 9780521767187 9780521681582 41mYYcwWerL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_ WMD2014_poster_EN 9781107414853 06_monitoringClimateChangefig01 final.fig6 pmelt NewScientistDarwinCover Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.28.39 AM

Cow farts and Global Warming

Mad Max: I don’t know nothing about methane. Aunty Entity: You can shovel shit, can’t you? Through the process of digestion, livestock emit 16% of the world’s annual production of methane gas.[6] A groundbreaking 2006 United Nations report found … Continue reading

51U76mxWfYL._SL500_SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ poster-lucys_cradle-600 Lucy_Mexico i-2bf-7d9-a-1 humangenome tumblr_nsqjasT8wa1two3l0o1_1280 fox dog_history_tree intro-popgen-spring-2015-50-638 confronto2 timelineHGP_image2 Gregor-Mendel-Quotes-4 Quote-of-gregor-Mendel genotypes_of_pea_plants 24c6257c-c606-11e1-b57e-00144feabdc0.img

The Unintelligent Crafting of Creationism Science

It’s funny that ID/creationists seem to think that any improbability or gap in evolution  means that automatically goddidit wins It’s not really a choice between Evolution and a Sciencey worded Christian Creation Myth. You have to look at the evidence … Continue reading

tumblr_mun9nsTtPM1sdhypro1_500_500 Galap_Map_000 quote-even-johannes-kepler-isaac-newton-charles-darwin-gregor-mendel-and-albert-einstein-made-carl-sagan-67-78-61 Wallace & Darwin - Voyages to Evolution Map tumblr_mz3intP4tc1qibnz5o1_500 quote-on-the-spiritual-theory-man-consists-essentially-of-a-spiritual-nature-or-mind-intimately-alfred-russel-wallace-192272

Science is a Method, Religion is Backassward

Personal or Layperson Opinions – can be held by anyone – no particular or higher education needed Subject Matter Expert Opinions – educated at a post-high school level and/or work experience with training in an area of specialty information Professional … Continue reading


charles-darwin charles-darwin-quote be00bf3c2034f87e1dc3ebc5a1fe89d4 d9333e0ddcf063ecffabb38629bd999d m9c1PUIOpFhGtul2HgrTeBA Tan-Fig-1-1024x645

Dinos and Adam living in the same cave? Learn to spot fake science.

The Flintstones were a cartoon of The Honeymooners, not a documentary Source: Dinos and Adam living in the same cave? Learn to spot fake science.


Around-world-in-80 overview-of-smart-power-grid blackout_diagram beaufort-wind-scale imaginative HumanChimpGenomes630 comparison-primate-hands Ape_skeletons still-waiting-for-fallout-4_o_1650167 canadarm2-photo-from-csa-tumblr-blog

The One About the Space Science Posts

Lessons from the Space Program Most trainees are throwing up in the hallway before they even see the machines. Anticipation of a thing, becomes said thing. Thoughts and balance gyroscopic centered means never being off axis American Version; Canadian Version … … Continue reading

whenallhell-fb7931ab0e9c630e0d1d8895e35ef695e8461c2f-s6-c30 QuickStart prepare-for-worst-plan-best-disaster-preparedness-donna-r-childs-paperback-cover-art 13260180 Medical-Disaster-Response-A-Survival-Guide-for-Hospitals-in-1-ed- Gravity-well_large earth and moon gravity well Plasma Tube Earth

ScienceWorld: Marie Currie

Curie lived for research and her notebooks still radiate Albert Einstein Told Marie Curie To Ignore The Haters … Dec 9, 2014 – During this time, love letters between Curie and Langevin had been given … Albert Einstein—who had … Continue reading

pangea-continental-drift-1 evolution-vs-creationism-demotivational-poster-1228878589-png 62693b1f363ffc7ef5bedcc6d97d8354 268906b030104adaa8eab8b5c116bf2fa8e76cdc089e33bc6ecaaf633125b873 Artificial-Intelligence_o_72403 dirk-gently-robot-meme


The evolution of the science revolution: Alchemy to chemistry to fusion

What Is Alchemy? : Looking to the skies, the alchemists built on what the naturalists figured out, just looking around. Chemists are first to see elements transform at atomic scale Chemists at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences, … Continue reading

quote-artificial-intelligence-is-growing-up-fast-as-are-robots-whose-facial-expressions-can-diane-ackerman-0-13-36 sagan lawrence-krauss-pic_485x397 iu17e 7e5e413264b7ad9e1eb93c20ea4b42e0 ages Greer-StagesOfTechnicSocieties-1 Greer-StagesOfTechnicSocieties figure1.2 development-of-civilization-diagram scientific-method-steps scivspseudosci3 7-ways-to-identify-pseudoscience-infographic iBMJf newton-amp-039-s-law-of-internet_o_2061071 mantle_convect_seafloor_spread_big light-wave-particle CATFISHING-HOT-SPOT111 Plasma_2 states matter-states-01 spectrum rbg colour wheel prism

Keybord-Color The-great-apes out-of-africarabia2 Line-up-Crop

Knowledge: It’s Confirmable, not Revealed

Everyone who clings to the Fallacy of the Ancients is celebrating… well, the ones who celebrate this ancient: Tests reveal Quran manuscript is among oldest in the world, says UK university CNN‎ – 8 hours ago Radiocarbon analysis … Continue reading

LLNLUSEnergy2011 1101970310_400 repro_diagrams shrodinger-pavlov pavlovcatbrown_fullpic 294abfffea67876957c6a3e573708679 1902a7b92ad468c618c56d0f3bf93dfd dog-training-18 FosseyDian-Gorilla800px


51jqWQc1EdL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ 2000px-Possible_physical_effects_of_lysergic_acid_diethylamide_(LSD).svg i-6b12a165560966e1cdaa5e52e0f106bb-Newton slide2

Religion vs Reality Memes

Please enjoy this meme collection

11606.ngsversion.1421958893384.adapt.768.1 Newtons_laws HClt1ff famous-marijuana-smokers visible-spectrum-going-through-ocean-waters1-e1410791932206 BlueSky yellowstone-national-park-blue-lava-flames-sulphur article-2198591-14D87F2D000005DC-268_964x641 main-qimg-c1ef18b0f528cafd42981a0ad423c477 quote-i-made-one-great-mistake-in-my-life-when-i-signed-that-letter-to-president-roosevelt-recommending-albert-einstein-226538 file sypersymmetry sub-zero-temp-in-space2 particle_zoo main-qimg-91f8e1a5fbd8bff2c3a11eef9ebfbc49 superconductivity-temperature rbows endworld duality1 dimensions3 dimension dibujo20110302_standard_model_bestiary_and_susy_history depth mass direction 17_extra_dimensions krishan kumar 880696

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Gardner/REX (1430250ad) Mary Anning was a leading fossil collector, Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester, England, Britain Dorset, Britain - Aug 2011

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Gardner/REX (1430250ad)
Mary Anning was a leading fossil collector, Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester, England, Britain
Dorset, Britain – Aug 2011

Mary_Anning_Plaque GouldStephen-MaryAnning800px owen 8105779468_4d65b38a9d_m MulticulturalWIS minimalist-posters-six-women-science 513rdWivdaL._SX342_ Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin 2013-10-15_1217 EmmyNoether Lamarr 66270b3157c7b58848fc04e7c93fcabc


Civilization 1.0: Ice Aged

  Graham Hancock is an admitted outlier in archaeology, because he is an outsider trying to tell studies and working professionals they are wrong, while he sells many many books to the public. He is a sociologist by education and … Continue reading


religion dark ages2 f69ca96b4f50691b84ff178904660bd9 608223-1810-21 HeritageTimeLine 300px-Symptoms_of_swine_flu.svg EMPRES_Watch_global_flyways josh-matthews-project-in-science-34-728 051008 i_survived_the_iceland_volcano_postcard-rac97e6b98d2d466ba8d52a628e19d801_vgbaq_8byvr_324 surtsey1 42f33ad8ddefc937c666d1a57271e6d7 T_n_1973 halifax disaster full_Vol_203_201-13-11_20Slide_20Deck_20_231.075 Machu.Picchu.original.2637 Nazca Lines - MAP -02 5309_426368314126971_1465648172_n 75977_10151338316061121_246168890_n 8e6c3c9c6d629ca27b1d58eb041ae2c6 w0RQ6H7 darkstar Nibiru Orbit2 albert_einstein_quote_3 Homo-naledi-JPGComparison_of_skull_features_of_Homo_naledi_and_other_early_human_species


humans, eh?


The Easiest Way to Understand Reality is The Insurance Industry

Not sure if climate change really is real or if it might impact you? Try to get disaster insurance for your home and business, including business resumption. Insurance is the last industry were discrimination remains legal. Renter insurance is denied … Continue reading

hurricane-diagram hurricane_formation

Destructive Atmospherics: Tornado

Hurricane_formation how-do-hurricanes-form-young-people understanding_categories hurricane-and-tornado-categories 160275513 tornado italy v europe NapoliMap600 article-1342820-0C9D8AF6000005DC-146_634x473

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