Organic Vitality Naturalism

Vittles and Vitamins, Vetameatavegamin: Snake Oils, Alcohol, Sugar, Cocaine, Caffeine, Cocoa and Cannabis with “natural flavour” the name for something manufactured from something you won’t eat if you knew what it was. Probably from insects.

I don’t mind the needing a chemistry or biology degree to understand nutrition labels, it’s the meaningless marketing – marketese – language or words that suggest a meaning but are only vauge emotionalisms.

“organic”and “natural” – which is everything, even if we have invented and manufactured in some way, it’s all made of the same stuff.

human cause is about the impact ratio of use to environment and the industrial scale means that we actually do not need everyone to work, and we have invented so much meaningless work that life is dreary, dull and dangerous.


The Fallacy of the Ancient is largely a comfort of what is known, and thus knowable – which creates a simpler times nostalgia combined with age/time conferring credibility.

In fact, we overturn most of what previous people did with progress.

We have more people living in urban areas, with a wider range of occupational opportunities and movement from one social-economic class to another.

But most importantly, more people than ever before can read and learn without waiting for permission. Education is available to the greatest number of people.

Yet, so many things that a patently false so as to be clearly fiction, because of choosing a limited understanding or having a false authority given because of unwillingness to actually say.

That’s a cute cultural concept but we have far better means of understanding that universe than doing drugs and looking at the stars and making up stories about the patterns we have been culturally primed to perceive.

Germ Theory really shouldn’t be a debate and the elimination of contagious diseases from many geographic regions makes anyone who doubts it…. stupid.

there is no polite way to say things.

Nina with Handwashing poster Nina with Plush Microbes

religion and spirituality are cultural concepts from which xenophobia largely derives from, a false divide where there is less than 1% genetic difference.

Early science in the 1800 and into the 1900s was just as driven by discrimination as everything else humans do.

but we know better now yet we continue to try to convince people

no one is better than anyone else and there are no ideas worth killing another person for

Royal Families of Europe I hear BanjosNina Tryggvason anthropology quote

Clinical vs Natural Cures

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Which, takes us back to farming: Food Safety and Security

Companies are about profits

Regions are about prophets

Governments have to be about the people

regulate and tax the corporations, let the market really decide

companies – religions – are accountable for what they done to society

Poaching and Preying, creating unthinking consumers conformity through brand identity

Achieving Scientific Literacy, or we really can’t call this the information age, eh.

What Is The Meaning Of “Organic” (And Inorganic) Food?

from Science 2.0 related on this blog

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