Religion as Parasitic Meme

Religion’s take on sex and gender roles is a horrible joke and it needs to stop.

honestly, anyone who tells you that masturbation is dangerous or wrong is an idiot who needs to mind their own business.

anyone who has an opinon about the sex you are having when you have not invited them to have sex with you, needs to mind their own business

it is not the job of the government to be involved in the bedrooms of the nation, unless there’s a criminal content like rape which includes incest.



it is not the job of anyone else to mind or be concerned about what anyone does who they are not related to or involved with in some way.

we’re all supposed to be grown up so how about acting like and more than that – how about treating each other like everyone else is too.

And Sex sells everything from beer to singers – which is why Conservative Religion doesn’t sell – because their kind of kink is hard to sell to a mass audience.

I mean – if you’re going to make sex boring and disallow drugs – and Christian Rock is so many kinds of moron…….

There is a humor section in feminist bookstores, you just have to know how to look.


then factor in the holy spirit or ghost – that’s just a messed up co-opting of pagan trinity that never worked in a deity top down belief system


If Jesus was his own Dad was he a monkey’s uncle too?

If Jesus is God and is the Father and Son – shouldn’t there be a Grandpa too? the holy ghost? spirit of manliness past?

That means that the deity is asexually reproducing – and only parasites use a host.

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