How religions start: Mormon

The Mormon group purports to be third testament Christians, basically all the same rules except no adultery is replaced with a three wife minimum.

This is where America gets into the Bible’s revised edition to go around that the story takes place far far away and not so long ago….

Abrahamic Pedophile ManualsBible Earth View

one guy with followers who end up setting up their own shop, endless versions and variations on the same basic product, eh.

Scientology was L Ron Hubbard in the 1960s, repacked Crowley with a scifi update.


ReligionWatch: Mormon Church and Exit Process

As David Badash reports over in The New Civil Rights Movement, thousands of souls are set to leave the church on Saturday as part of a mass resignation in Salt Lake City. Because leaving the LDS requires certain legal proceedings, … Continue reading

The Mormon Rapture Round Up Post

First there was The Talmud – The Jewish Scrolls of Endless Commentaries Then, there was finally a claimant, of sorts, that got a following – CHOSEN – The Bible Was done. Ish… it’s been edited a lot – anyway, The … Continue reading


ReligionWatch: Utah Edition

Utah Judge Scott Johansen had said it was for the eight-month-old girl’s “well-being” that she be with heterosexual parents rather than a Lesbian couple doing the fostering. Officials from the Utah Division of Child and Family Services had said they … Continue reading


The Mormon underside of Battlestar Galactica

The original Battlestar Series was the first show to cost $1 million an episode and most of that was special effects. Joseph Smith was a huckster who dealt in fake Egypt relics who invented a religion as a go around … Continue reading


The American Inquistion

9/11 ended America’s Isolationist Period. I say Isolationist Ironically, given that they have attained Global Dominance via Military Bases to a level no other Empire achieved I think the USA might have displaced the previous record holder: Alexander the Great … Continue reading

How to Deconvert Christians 101

The problems of today are not solvable with yesterday’s answers. Our global shared reality is no so complex that no school of thought handed down unchanged is robust or scale-able enough to help anyone cope. Every culture can only see … Continue reading

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